Wuthering Waves Weapon Tier List: All Weapons Ranked

Scarletrune |  Published: May 25, 2024

This comprehensive tier list ranks the available weapons in Wuthering Waves, from the best to the worst, providing valuable insights to guide your decisions.

Wuthering Waves has finally arrived, bringing with it a vast array of weapons for players to collect and master. With five distinct weapon types – swords, broadblades, pistols, gauntlets, and rectifiers – and rarities ranging from 1 to 5 stars, knowing which weapons are worth investing in can be overwhelming. But fear not, as this comprehensive tier list ranks every weapon in Wuthering Waves, helping you make informed decisions on which weapon you need to pick first!

Wuthering Waves Weapon Tier List: All Weapons Ranked

This tier list evaluates weapons based on several key factors:

  • Base stats (attack, crit rate, crit damage)
  • Unique weapon skills and effects
  • Synergy with specific Resonators (playable characters)
  • Overall performance in early to late-game content

Weapons are ranked from S-tier to D-tier, with S and A-tier weapons being top picks for tackling the toughest challenges Wuthering Waves has to offer.

Wuthering Waves S-Tier Weapons

Kuro Games

The S-tier weapons are the best of the best in Wuthering Waves. They boast exceptional base stats and game-changing skills that elevate your combat prowess to new heights:

S-Tier WeaponImageBase Stats
Abyss SurgesAbyss Surges47 ATK, 8% ATK
Cosmic RipplesCosmic Ripples40 ATK, 12% ATK
Emerald of GenesisEmerald of Genesis47 ATK, 5.4% Crit Rate
Lustrous RazorLustrous Razor47 ATK, 8% ATK
Static MistStatic Mist47 ATK, 5.4% Crit Rate
StringmasterStringmaster40 ATK, 8% Crit Rate
Verdant SummitVerdant Summit47 ATK, 10.8% Crit DMG

Wuthering Waves A-Tier Weapons

Jiyan's Weapon in Wuthering Waves
Kuro Games

While not quite as powerful as S-tier weapons, A-tier weapons are still powerful choices that can carry you through the majority of content with ease:

A-Tier WeaponImageBase Stats
AugmentAugment31 ATK, 5.4% ATK
AutumntranceAutumntrace33 ATK, 12% Energy Regen
CadenzaCadenza27 ATK, 11.5% Energy Regen
Commando of ConvictionCommando of Conviction33 ATK, 6.7% ATK
DiscordDiscord27 ATK, 7.2% ATK
Helios CleaverHelios Cleaver33 ATK, 6.7% ATK
Hollow MirageHollow Mirage33 ATK, 6.7% ATK
Jinzhou KeeperJinzhou Keeper31 ATK, 8,1% ATK
Lunar CutterLunar Cutter33 ATK, 6.7% ATK
MarcatoMarcato27 ATK, 11.5% Energy Regen
NovaburstNovaburst33 ATK, 6.7% ATK
Undying FlameUndying Flame33 ATK, 6.7% ATK
VariationVariation27 ATK, 11.5% Energy Regen

Wuthering Waves B-Tier Weapons

Baizhi's Weapon in Wuthering Waves
Kuro Games

B-tier weapons are still good options that can get the job done in the game, especially when paired with the right Resonators and Echoes.

B-Tier WeaponImageBase Stats
Amity AccordAmity Accord27 ATK, 13.6% DEF
Broadblade of NightBroadblade of Night26 ATK, 5.4% ATK
Broadblade of VoyagerBroadblade of Voyager24 ATK, 6.7% Energy Regen
Comet FlareComet Flare31 ATK, 8.1% ATK
Dauntless EvernightDauntless Evernight27 ATK, 13.6% DEF
Gauntlets of NightGauntlets of Night26 ATK, 5.4% ATK
Guardian BroadbladeGuardian Broadblade26 ATK, 9% HP
Guardian PistolsGuardian Pistols26 ATK, 9% HP
Guardian RectifierGuardian Rectifier26 ATK, 9% HP
Originite: Type IIOriginite- Type II26 ATK, 5.4% ATK
Originite: Type IIIOriginite- Type III26 ATK, 5.4% ATK
Originite: Type IVOriginite: Type IV24 ATK, 9% Crit DMG
Pistols of NightPistols of Night26 ATK, 5.4% ATK
Pistols of VoyagerPistols of Voyager24 ATK, 6.7% ATK
Rectifier of nightRectifier of Night26 ATK, 5.4% ATK
Rectifier of VoyagerRectifier of Voyager24 ATK, 7.2% Energy Regen
Sword of NightSword of Night26 ATK, 5.4% ATK
Sword of VoyagerSword of Voyager24 ATK, 6.7% Energy Regen

Wuthering Waves C-Tier Weapons

Encore's Weapon in Wuthering Waves
Kuro Games

C-tier weapons are the most common 3-star armaments in Wuthering Waves. While they can be used in a pinch, they’re generally better off as upgrade materials for higher-rarity weapons.

C-Tier WeaponImageBase Stats
Guardian GauntletsGuardian Gauntlets26 ATK, 9% HP
Guardian SwordGuardian Sword26 ATK, 9% HP
Originite: Type IOriginite- Type I.26 ATK, 7.2% DEF
Originite: Type VOriginite26 ATK, 7.2% HP
Tyro BroadbladeTyro Broadblade22 ATK, 4.5% ATK
Tyro GauntletsTyro Gauntlets22 ATK, 4.5% ATK
Tyro PistolsTyro Pistols22 ATK, 4.5% ATK
Tyro RectifierTyro Rectifier22 ATK, 4.5% ATK
Tyro SwordTyro Sword22 ATK, 4.5% ATK

Wuthering Waves D-Tier Weapons

Aalto's Weapon in Wuthering Waves
Kuro Games

D-tier weapons are the weakest 1 and 2-star armaments that should be avoided unless absolutely necessary in the game.

D-Tier WeaponImageBase Stats
Training BroadbladeTraining Broadblade20 ATK, 4% ATK
Training GauntletsTraining Gauntlets20 ATK, 4% ATK
Training PistolsTraining Pistols20 ATK, 4% ATK
Training RectifierTraining Rectifier20 ATK, 4% ATK
Training SwordTraining Sword20 ATK, 4% ATK

Wuthering Waves’ vast choices of weapons offer something for every playstyle, but not all armaments’ powers are created equal. By focusing on S and A-tier weapons like Abyss Surges, Cosmic Ripples, and Verdant Summit, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle even the most challenging content.

However, don’t be afraid to experiment with lower-tier weapons, as the right combination of Resonator, Echoes, and player skill can make even a B-tier weapon shine. Good luck and we hope that this tier helps!