XDefiant: How to Get and Use EMP Grenade

Suki |  Published: May 22, 2024

Learn how to get and use EMP Grenade in XDefiant with our detailed guide. Know everything you need to know here.

In XDefiant, having an edge over your opponents is key. One powerful item that can give you an advantage is the EMP Grenade. This grenade can disable your enemies’ abilities and equipment, giving you a big boost in battle. This guide will show you how to get and use the EMP Grenade in XDefiant.

How to Get EMP Grenade in XDefiant

EMP grenade XDefiant
Image Credits: GameWitted

To get the EMP Grenade, you must complete the Base Challenge associated with this piece of equipment. The challenge requires dealing 400 damage to enemy equipment using any Device. Devices in XDefiant refer to Faction abilities or grenades.

Here are some tips to help you complete the challenge easily:

For Cleaner Players: Use the Firebomb or Incinerator Drone to quickly destroy common enemy gear like the Phantom Mag Barrier or Libertad El Remédio.

For All Factions: Throw Sticky Grenades or Frag Grenades at enemy equipment to build up the needed damage fast.

How to Use EMP Grenade in XDefiant

EMP grenade XDefiant

The EMP Grenade is a powerful tool that creates a small area-of-effect (AoE) burst of electricity upon impact. Any enemies caught within this burst will have their abilities disabled for a short duration, rendering them unable to activate abilities or deploy equipment.

However, keep in mind that the EMP Grenade doesn’t work on Ultras, like the Aegis shield used by the Phantom faction.

Here are some tips on how to use EMP Grenade effectively in XDefiant:

Objective and Capture Modes: The EMP Grenade is great for these game modes, where disabling enemy abilities and gear can really help you capture or defend objectives.

Teamwork: Talk to your teammates and use the EMP Grenade together to create opportunities when the enemies are vulnerable.

Situation Awareness: Watch the battlefield closely. Use the EMP when disabling abilities would swing things in your favor, like if enemies are heavily using their equipment or abilities.


By mastering the use of the EMP Grenade in XDefiant, you’ll gain a potent tool to disrupt your opponents’ strategies and secure victories. By following this guide, you can get the EMP Grenade, use it effectively, and claim dominance on the battlefield.