How to Defeat Arachsiam in Once Human

Scarletrune |  Published: July 11, 2024

In this guide, you will learn strategies on how to defeat Arachsiam in Once Human, including its attacks and weak points.

In Once Human, you will face many challenges, including the Arachsiam, a giant spider queen that spreads fear. This guide will provide valuable insights into locating, preparing for, and ultimately defeating Arachsiam. We will help you make sure that you are well-equipped to emerge victorious from this scary encounter.

How to Defeat Arachsiam in Once-Human

How to Beat Arachsiam Once Human
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Arachsiam is located in the Iron River area in Once Human. To access her lair, called the Mirage Monolith, you must complete a quest to load both Rift Anchors with the required materials. Once the Great Rift is open, you can enter and face Arachsiam.

To emerge victorious, you must familiarize yourself with Arachsiam’s moveset. Here is the summary of this powerful Great One moves:

Cobweb SpitArachsiam spits cobwebs that trap you if you step on them.
Poison DispersionArachsiam will move to specific spots and spray poison mist. You will need to hide behind a cover to avoid damage.
MistArachsiam climbs a stone pillar, releases fog, and becomes invulnerable. You must destroy all spider eggs to remove their invulnerability.
Nurturing LarvaeArachsiam summons spider eggs that produce self-exploding spiders to attack you.

Before facing Arachsiam, you should be at least level 30 with high-level weapons. Upon entering Arachsiam’s lair, you should maintain a safe distance to avoid her devastating melee attacks.

Focus fire on her weak points, which include her head and the green venom sack on her body. Be prepared to dodge her cobweb spit, because it can trap you. Quickly move to the left or right to evade these attacks and continue dealing damage from a distance.

Once Arachsiam’s health is significantly reduced, the arena will fill with mist. Arachsiam will summon spider eggs that produce exploding spiders until they are destroyed.

Remember to keep moving to dodge Arachsiam’s attacks, and prioritize destroying any newly dropped eggs to prevent being overwhelmed.

Weapon to Defeat Arachsiam in Once Human

Weapon to Beat Arachsiam in Once Human
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When you go into battle with Arachsiam, it’s best to use assault or sniper rifles. This weapon offers good range and high fire rates. Make sure to upgrade your weapon for maximum damage.

By understanding Arachsiam’s attack patterns and using the right weapons and strategies, you will definitely be able to defeat this giant spider and continue your journey through the horror world of Once Human.

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  • What level should players be to fight Arachsiam?
    • Players should be at least level 30 before attempting to fight Arachsiam.
  • Where is Arachsiam located in Once Human?
    • Arachsiam is located in the Iron River area, in her lair known as the Mirage Monolith.