How to Get Cotton in Soulmask?

Kyuma |  Published: June 02, 2024

Learn the fastest way to farm cotton in Soulmask for crafting bronze gear in this detailed guide.

Soulmask is a recent indie adventure game that just released in late May and has been creating buzz in the gaming community. One of the essential materials needed for crafting bronze gear is cotton. This guide will show players the fastest way to farm cotton in Soulmask.

How to Farm Cotton in Soulmask?

Best Cotton Location in Soulmask
Image Credits: GameWitted

Choosing the Right Location

The first step in farming cotton is to choose the right location. The best place to farm cotton is near the Barbarian Barrack. Players can build a base near the Barbarian Barrack and take advantage of the nearby water source in the area.

Farming Cotton

Once players have set up their base near the Barbarian Barrack, they can start farming cotton. There are two ways to farm cotton in this area. The first way is to sneak into the farmland plots located close to Barbarian Barrack. One of the plots almost always has cotton. Players can sneak in and clear out the cotton without being detected by the barbarians.

The second way to farm cotton is to kill the barbarians at the front gate and then clear out the farmland plots. This method is more straightforward but requires players to be more skilled in combat.

Maximizing Cotton Yield in Soulmask

To maximize the amount of cotton obtained, players can clear out the entire farmland plot. This will cause the barbarians to replant and regrow the cotton, sometimes more than before. Players can also obtain cotton seeds from the farmland plots, which can be planted in their own base to increase their cotton yield.

Farming cotton is an essential part of progressing through Soulmask, especially when it comes to crafting bronze gear. By setting up a base near the Barbarian Barrack and taking advantage of the nearby farmland plots, players can quickly and efficiently farm cotton.

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