How to Get Grave Dust in V Rising?

Kyuma |  Published: May 20, 2024

Discover the best ways to farm Grave Dust in V Rising. This guide covers looting cemeteries, crafting, and farming Ghouls at the Tomb.

Grave Dust is an important resource in the vampire survival game V Rising that is used for constructing buildings and crafting items in the player’s castle. This guide will cover the best methods for obtaining Grave Dust.

Where to Find Grave Dust in V Rising?

Grave Dust Location V Rising
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One of the simplest ways to get Grave Dust early in the game is by exploring cemeteries and graveyards scattered around the map of Vardoran. These locations often have chests, barrels, and other containers that can drop Grave Dust when opened.

The undead enemies that inhabit these areas, like Ghouls, Skeleton Priests, Banshees, and Skeleton Mages, also have a chance of dropping Grave Dust when defeated. So killing all the monsters in a graveyard is an effective way to farm this resource.

Some good early-game locations to find Grave Dust are:

  • Desecrated Graveyard
  • Forgotten Cemetery
  • Infested Graveyard
  • Church of the Damned

How to Craft Grave Dust in V Rising?

how to craft Grave Dust V Rising
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Another method for obtaining Grave Dust is by crafting it using the Grinder structure. The Grinder recipe for Grave Dust is unlocked by defeating the level 27 boss Goreswine the Ravager.

To make one Grave Dust, simply place 64 Bones into a powered Grinder. This requires a large number of Bones, which can be obtained by killing skeletons and other enemies. While not the most efficient process, crafting is a reliable way to acquire Grave Dust.

How to Farm Grave Dust in V Rising?

Once the player has defeated Goreswine the Ravager, they will also unlock the blueprint for the Tomb structure. The Tomb can be used to spawn Ghoul enemies by placing 12 Mourning Lilies inside it.

These summoned Ghouls have a good chance of dropping Grave Dust when killed. Mourning Lilies can be found in the same graveyards listed earlier. So the player can farm lilies and Grave Dust from those locations, then return to their castle to generate more Ghouls.

Grave Dust Recipes

Grave Dust Crafting Recipes V Rising
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Here is a table of some key recipes that require Grave Dust:

Resulting ItemRecipeStructure
Scourgestone4 Whetstone, 4 Grave DustFurnace
Gravedigger Ring12 Grave Dust, 32 Mourning LilySimple Workbench
Holy Resistance Potion60 Sunflower, 1 Grave Dust, 1 Empty Glass BottleAlchemy Table
Putrid Rat4 Grave Dust, 1 Unsullied HeartVermin Nest
Mutated Rat4 Grave Dust, 1 Sludge-filled CanisterVermin Nest
Grave Dust Recipes

By using a combination of these three farming methods – looting, crafting, and spawning enemies – the player can accumulate a substantial stockpile of Grave Dust to use for construction projects and crafting recipes as they progress through V Rising.