How to Increase Regional Wealth in Manor Lords

Suki |  Published: April 28, 2024

Learn how to increase Regional Wealth through to boost your town’s financial success in Manor Lords.

In Manor Lords, wealth is a crucial aspect of building a thriving town. While individual families may generate income through sales and trades, Regional Wealth represents the collective financial resources of your settlement. In this guide, we’ll be providing ways to increase Regional Wealth in Manor Lords.

How to Get Regional Wealth in Manor Lords

manor lords regional wealth
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Regional Wealth is a crucial economic concept in Manor Lords that represents the collective financial resources of your entire town or settlement. It is distinct from your personal treasury as the ruler, which is used for tasks such as settling new regions or hiring mercenaries. Instead, Regional Wealth serves as a measure of how much cash your town collectively possesses.

This wealth is not tied to individual family earnings from selling goods in the marketplace. Rather, it is a more abstract and large-scale form of currency used for various purposes, including paying taxes, importing goods, and facilitating certain upgrades.

By default, you begin a new game of Manor Lords with 50 Regional Wealth, providing a modest starting point for initial investments and improvements. However, as your town grows and expands, generating additional Regional Wealth becomes essential to fuel further development and maintain a thriving economy.

So, let’s find out how to increase your Regional Wealth.

Upgrading Burgage Plots

manor lords regional wealth
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One of the primary methods to increase Regional Wealth is upgrading burgage plots. These plots, which house individual families, can be improved to higher levels, directly contributing to the collective wealth of your town.

At the second level, each upgraded burgage plot generates 1 Regional Wealth per family per month. Advancing to the third level further increases this output to 2 Regional Wealth per family per month.

The Art of Trading

manor lords regional wealth
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As your town’s infrastructure expands and production capabilities grow, you’ll inevitably accumulate a surplus of various goods. This presents an opportunity to capitalize on trade and earn additional Regional Wealth.

Constructing a Trading Post, which requires 4 timber, allows you to establish an import-export business. By accessing the Trade tab, you can navigate through different categories of goods, such as construction materials, crops, food, and military supplies.

Here, you have the option to export surplus items, effectively transforming your town’s excess resources into a steady stream of Regional Wealth. Furthermore, you can establish trade routes, ensuring a consistent flow of visiting merchants to facilitate these transactions.

Balancing Production and Trade

It’s crucial to maintain a balance between production and trade. Ensure that your town’s infrastructure is robust enough to generate a consistent surplus, as overexporting can deplete your resources and hinder further development.

To achieve this balance, focus on upgrading essential production facilities, such as farms, workshops, and mills. Additionally, invest in workforce-enhancing structures like inns and churches, which can boost productivity and population growth, ultimately leading to increased output and potential for export.


Regional Wealth in Manor Lords is the lifeblood of your town’s growth and prosperity. By strategically upgrading burgage plots and establishing a thriving trade network, you can ensure a steady influx of collective wealth.

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