How to Kill the FogFrog Boss in Soulmask – Complete Guide

Suki |  Published: June 06, 2024

Learn how to summon and kill the FogFrog Boss in Soulmask with our detailed guide. We’ll explain all you need to know.

In order to progress to the end-game in Soulmask, players are required to kill bosses, and one of them is the FogFrog Boss. This poisonous giant is the next boss you need to face after you have defeated the Sabretooth Boss. This guide covers everything you need to know to kill the Fog Frog Boss in Soulmask.

How to Kill the FogFrog Boss in Soulmask

how to kill fogfrog boss soulmask
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Before facing the Fog Frog Boss, gathering the necessary materials and preparing adequately is crucial. The environment surrounding the boss is poisonous, so specific preparations are required to withstand the toxic damage.

You will need the following materials to summon the FogFrog Boss, and if you don’t know how to get them, worry not, we will explain everything in the next part:

  • Worship Container
  • Two Blood Activating Cream
  • Five Acidic Fluid
  • Five Aloe Essence
how to kill fogfrog boss soulmask
Image Credits: GameWitted

Combat the poisonous environment with the following items:

  1. Poison Proof Mods:
    • Equip on armor for 40% poison resistance.
    • Requires Rubber and Indigo Cotton.
  2. Plant Essence:
    • Instantly recovers 200 HP and removes 60% poison.
    • Requires Aloe Essence, Cashews, Sulfur Powder, and Papaya or Herbs.
  3. Antidotes:
    • Increases poison resistance by 50% and reduces poison damage by 20%.
    • Requires Plant Essence, Guava, Mushroom, and Phosphorus Powder.
how to kill fogfrog boss soulmask
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With all the necessary preparations, it is time to face the Fog Frog Boss. The location to find FogFrog Boss is at the western corner Ancient Pyramid on the Hill region.

how to kill fogfrog boss soulmask
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Start by clearing the area of any nearby poison frogs to avoid additional damage during the boss fight. Once the area is clear, follow these tips:

  • Dodging Attacks: The Fog Frog Boss has a powerful attack capable of dealing significant damage. Focus on dodging to avoid these hits.
  • Avoid Poison Gas: The boss spews poison gas, which can be lethal. Stay clear of the gas and reposition as needed.
  • Use Plant Essence and Antidotes: Regularly consume these items to maintain high poison resistance and health recovery.
  • Attack and Retreat: Engage the boss with calculated attacks, then retreat to a safe distance to avoid counterattacks.

How to Get Worship Container

how to get worship container soulmask
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The Worship Container is a crucial item for summoning the boss. To acquire it, visit the Barbarian Barrack, controlled by the Flint tribe, and kill the leaders. These Barbarian leaders may drop the Worship Container that you are looking for.

However, the drop is not guaranteed, so might need to kill multiple leaders, based on your luck. Nevertheless, this is by far the fastest method to get a Worship Container.

How to Get Blood Activating Cream

  • Beast Blood: Harvest from animals.
  • Bone Powder: Grind bones in the grinder.
  • Aloe Essence: Found in chests in ancient ruins and Barbarian camps.
  • Gypsum: Mined or found in chests.

How to Get Acidic Fluid

  • Sulfur Powder: Found beneath the frog area.
  • Tomatoes and Guava: Found in Barbarian camps, chests, and farming.

How to Get Aloe Essence

Aloe Juice and Aloe Flowers are gathered from chests in specified areas and ancient ruins.


Defeating the Fog Frog Boss in Soulmask requires thorough preparation and strategic execution. By gathering the necessary materials, enhancing your poison resistance, and employing effective combat tactics, you can overcome this formidable opponent.