Soulmask Ultimate Farming Guide for Beginners

Suki |  Published: June 05, 2024

Learn everything about farming in Soulmask with our detailed guide. We will explain all you need to know in detail!

In the expansive world of Soulmask, mastering farming can significantly enhance your gameplay. This guide provides a comprehensive look at how to efficiently manage and grow crops, including feeding animals and crafting essential items like fertilizers and herbicides.

How to Farm in Soulmask

soulmask farming guide
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The first step in farming within Soulmask is to familiarize yourself with the technology tree. The Crop Planting technology is crucial as it unlocks Farmland Plots and the Fertilizer Bucket.

These tools are essential for maintaining healthy crops. Various types of fertilizers are needed depending on the crop, and players must also guard against pests like locusts and manage overgrowth.

How to Use Granary

soulmask farming guide
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A granary is indispensable for large-scale farming. It stores plants, crops, and fertilizers, making it easier to manage your resources. Corn, for example, is vital for making alpaca and llama feed.

Additionally, the granary helps in organizing your farming output, ensuring you have a steady supply of necessary items like cotton for bandages and high-tier armor.

Fertilizing Your Crops

soulmask farming guide
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Different crops require specific fertilizers:

  • Bone Fertilizer: Needed for corn and tomatoes.
  • Ash Fertilizer: Required for pumpkins.
  • Stone Powder: Used for chili seeds and papayas.

Fertilizers are crafted using various resources:

  • General Compost: Tree bark and fiber/thatch/vine.
  • Ash Fertilizer: Feces and fire ash.
  • Bone Powder Fertilizer: Feces and ground bones.
  • Stone Powder Fertilizer: Requires nitrate ore or acidic fluid.

Nitrate powder can be made using feces, linen, fire ash, and water. Although complex to craft, it is essential for specific fertilizers.

To apply fertilizer:

  1. Place the fertilizer in your hotbar.
  2. Select the corresponding number key.
  3. Continue applying until the crop’s needs are met.

Managing Weeds and Pests

soulmask farming guide
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Weeds and pests can significantly hinder crop growth. Herbicides and pesticides are essential:

  • Herbicide: Removes weeds. Requires lime, acidic fluid, venom, and water.
  • Pesticide: Deals with pests like locusts. Made from bone powder and venom.

To use these, follow the same process as fertilizing: place the item in your hotbar, select the number key, and apply to the affected crops.

Watering Your Crops

soulmask farming guide
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Hydration is crucial for crop health. Use a bucket or jug to fetch water from a well or river and apply it to the farmland as needed. Proper hydration ensures your crops grow without delay.

Finding the Best Farmers

soulmask farming guide
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Having NPC farmers with high planting bonuses is beneficial. Look for NPCs with bonuses above 120 or at least 90. These farmers can unlock higher-level farming attributes, such as increased crop growth speed and higher harvesting yields, which are beyond the capabilities of your character.

Alternative Crop Sources

Beyond planting, you can find crops throughout the Soulmask world:

  • Steal crops from other NPC tribes.
  • Explore different camps for various crops and seeds.
  • Look for specific areas like the heart-shaped river in the Highlands for large farming fields.

This method provides a head start and helps gather essential crops and seeds quickly.


Mastering farming in Soulmask involves understanding the technology tree, utilizing the granary, and managing fertilizers, pests, and hydration effectively.

Employing skilled NPC farmers can significantly boost your farming efficiency. Explore the world for additional resources and ensure your tribe thrives. Happy farming in Soulmask!

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