How to Fast Travel in Soulmask – Portal System Explained

Suki |  Published: June 03, 2024

Learn how to fast travel in Soulmask with our detailed guide. We will explain everything you need to know!

In the vast world of Soulmask, navigating from one point to another can be time-consuming. Fast travel becomes essential to save time and resources. Soulmask offers two primary methods of fast travel: Personal Portals and Mysterious Portals. This guide explains how to use fast travel in Soulmask, explaining both the portal options.

How to Fast Travel in Soulmask

There are two methods to fast travel in Soulmask, Personal Portals and Mysterious Portals. Let’s find out the details of the methods:

Personal Portals in Soulmask

how to fast travel in soulmask
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Personal Portals are player-placed teleporters that provide instant travel between two chosen points. These portals offer great flexibility for short to medium distances.

The main advantage of Personal Portals is their flexible placement, as they can be set up anywhere, making them ideal for creating shortcuts between frequently visited locations. Additionally, using a Personal Portal is straightforward; once set up, all it takes is the press of a button.

However, there are some limitations to consider. When using Personal Portals, you cannot carry items in your inventory, although items in the hot bar or equipped gear are permitted.

Furthermore, you must store deployed mounts before using the portal, as they cannot be teleported. Another consideration is the weight of portal parts, which are heavy and should ideally be transported with the aid of a mount.

How to Unlock Personal Portals in Soulmask

how to fast travel in soulmask
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To unlock Personal Portals, collect parts from dungeons like the Ancient Ruins and Holy Ruins. Each portal requires three parts, often guarded by tough enemies or hidden behind puzzles:

  1. Dungeon Exploration: Gather parts by exploring dungeons. Be prepared for combat and puzzles.
  2. Upgrade Gear: Consider upgrading to iron weapons for challenging bosses.
  3. Assemble at Campfire: Once three parts are collected, assemble the portal at the campfire.

Mysterious Portals in Soulmask

how to fast travel in soulmask
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Mysterious Portals, on the other hand, are pre-set teleportation points located across various biomes. These portals are ideal for long-distance travel.

One significant advantage of Mysterious Portals is that they allow the transport of items and riding mounts, making them perfect for carrying goods across the map. They are particularly useful for traveling to and from remote or hard-to-reach areas.

However, Mysterious Portals come with their own set of limitations. Unlike Personal Portals, their locations are fixed and cannot be chosen by players. Additionally, activating these portals requires the use of green crystals, which can be somewhat time-consuming to collect.

How to Use Mysterious Portals in Soulmask

how to fast travel in soulmask
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Three green crystals are needed to activate a Mysterious Portal. These crystals can be found in chests within the Ancient Ruins, Barbarian Fortress, Ancient Ruins Dungeon, Large Ancient Ruins, and Holy Ruins. Temple Guardians also drop these crystals.

You need to activate both of the portals (to and from) first to be able to use them. Once you have unlocked all the required portals, you can then fast travel by consuming energy.


Portal TypeFlexibilityInventory LimitationsMount TransportActivation Requirements
Personal PortalsHighYesNoDungeon Parts
Mysterious PortalsLowNoYesGreen Crystals
How to Fast Travel in Soulmask

By understanding how to use Personal and Mysterious Portals, you can now fast travel in Soulmask. Mastering these fast travel methods ensures more time is spent on exploring and less on traversing the vast world.

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