How to Kill the Sabretooth Boss in Soulmask – Complete Guide

Suki |  Published: June 06, 2024

Learn how to summon and kill the Sabretooth Boss in Soulmask with our detailed guide. We’ll explain all you need to know.

Killing the Sabretooth Boss in Soulmask is a significant milestone for players. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on accessing and defeating this challenging boss. By following these tips and strategies, players can efficiently prepare and kill the Sabretooth in Soulmask.

How to Kill the Sabretooth Boss in Soulmask

how to kill sabretooth boss soulmask
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Before engaging the Sabretooth Boss, ensure your character has reached at least awareness level 20. This Awareness Strength is the minimum requirement to activate the boss, making it crucial to level up appropriately before attempting the fight.

To summon the Sabretooth Boss, you’ll need the following items:

  • Worship Container
  • Five Beast Blood
  • Five Beast Bones
  • Five Premium Meat
how to kill sabretooth boss soulmask
Image Credits: GameWitted

The Sabretooth altar is located on the top right corner of the Rainforest region. Upon arriving at the altar, place all the above materials on the table and the fight will commence.

how to kill sabretooth boss soulmask
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The Sabretooth Boss will attack immediately after the offering. Here are key strategies for the fight:

  • Use a High-Tier Bow: Equip the highest-tier bow and arrows you can craft.
  • Maintain Distance: Use the bow to keep your distance, aiming for the boss’s head.
  • Dodge Rolls: Utilize dodge rolls effectively, particularly using the left alt button on your keyboard to evade attacks.
  • Don’t Forget to Heal: Make sure to heal anytime you have the chance, don’t take unnecessary risk!

After defeating the Sabretooth Boss, use a knife to harvest its resources. You will receive valuable loot, including the Beast Mark, which grants access to further upgrades.

How to Get Worship Container

how to get worship container soulmask
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The Worship Container is a crucial item for summoning the boss. To acquire it, visit the Barbarian Barrack, controlled by the Flint tribe, and kill the leaders. These Barbarian leaders may drop the Worship Container that you are looking for.

However, the drop is not guaranteed, so might need to kill multiple leaders, based on your luck. Nevertheless, this is by far the fastest method to get a Worship Container.

    How to Get Premium Meat

    Premium Meat is best obtained by hunting leopards or jaguars. Each leopard generally drops about 30 Premium Meat, although killing them can be challenging at lower levels.

    How to Get Beast Blood and Bones

    Both Beast Blood and Beast Bones can be collected from various creatures throughout the game. Ensure you have enough of these materials before proceeding to the next step.

    Unlocking the Mask Upgrade

    how to kill sabretooth boss soulmask
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    With the Beast Mark, head to the pyramid to upgrade your mask. Interact with the pedestal inside and use the resources obtained from the boss to receive the Control ability for your mask.

    This upgrade allows control over other tribesmen, enhancing your strategic options.


    Defeating the Sabretooth Boss in Soulmask requires preparation, strategy, and skill. By ensuring you meet the prerequisites, gathering necessary resources, and employing effective combat tactics, you can conquer this formidable foe. Use the rewards from the battle to upgrade your mask abilities and continue your journey in Soulmask.

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