How to Make Servant Coffin in V Rising?

Kyuma |  Published: May 21, 2024

Learn how to unlock, craft, and use Servant Coffins to create vampire minions in V Rising. Tips for capturing and equipping the best servants.

In the vampire survival game V Rising, Servant Coffins are structures that allow players to convert human enemies into loyal minions. These servants can then be commanded to gather resources, defend the castle, or join in battles against rival vampires.

This guide will cover how to unlock, build, and make the most of Servant Coffins.

How to Unlock Servant Coffin in V Rising?

How to Unlock Servant Coffin in V Rising?
Image Credits: GameWitted

To gain access to Servant Coffins, players must first complete the “Lord of the Manor” quest in their journal. This will add the coffin recipe to the building menu under the Production tab and Dominance category.

Crafting a Servant Coffin requires the following components:

  • 16 Planks (made from 20 Wood at the Sawmill)
  • 8 Copper Ingots (smelted from 20 Copper Ore in the Furnace)
  • 1 Greater Blood Essence (obtained by extracting blood from 4 Unsullied Hearts in the Blood Press)

Wood is plentiful in most areas, while Copper Ore is commonly found in the Bandit Copper Mine or by killing certain enemies. Unsullied Hearts drop from higher-level foes and bosses.

How to Capture Servants in V Rising?

v rising servant coffin
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With the coffin built, players need to use the Dominating Presence ability to subdue a human. This power is earned through the main quest line. To capture a servant:

  1. Find a human enemy, often in camps or settlements
  2. Activate Dominating Presence (default: Ctrl key)
  3. Check the human’s stats to pick the best candidate
  4. Use Vampire’s Kiss (default: R key) to dominate them
  5. Walk the enthralled human back to base without fast traveling or swapping powers, which will break the spell
  6. Interact with the coffin and select Convert to begin the 40-minute transformation process (cut in half by placing the coffin on Crypt Flooring)

How to Make Your Servants Better in V Rising?

Once finished, servants can be summoned or dismissed by interacting with their coffins. If killed, they will resurrect after 10 minutes at the cost of 50 Blood Essence.

Players can equip servants with weapons and gear to increase their effectiveness in combat or resource gathering. Later, constructing the Castle Throne unlocks more options for sending servants on timed missions to collect loot, battle enemies, or raid other players’ castles.

The quality of a servant depends on their blood type and percentage, so it is best to target humans with desirable traits and high blood levels. Servants from different regions may also have unique perks for harvesting local resources.

By carefully selecting, outfitting, and deploying servants, players can amass a powerful undead workforce to expand their influence throughout the world of V Rising. Proper servant management is key to becoming the supreme vampire lord.