How to Make Weapons and Shields in Manor Lords

Kyuma |  Published: April 27, 2024

Learn how to craft weapons in Manor Lords to equip your militia and defend your settlement against enemy attacks.

In the immersive medieval city-builder Manor Lords, there will come a time when you must take up arms to protect your settlement. To ensure your militia stands a fighting chance, you’ll need to equip them with weapons and armor.

This guide will walk you through the process of crafting weapons in Manor Lords.

How to Make Weapons and Armor to Build an Army

constructing  Blacksmith workshop to make weapons in Manor Lords
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To begin crafting weapons in Manor Lords, you’ll need to set up specialized artisan workshops. These workshops are built as backyard extensions on Level 2 Burgage Plots, which require the following prerequisites:

  • A Well and a Church in your town
  • Access to Fuel, Clothing, and two types of Food from a Marketplace

Once you have a Level 2 Burgage Plot with available space for a backyard extension, construct the following workshops:

  • Blacksmith’s Workshop (5 Regional Wealth, 5 Planks): Crafts Sidearms, Spears, and Polearms
  • Joiner’s Workshop (4 Planks): Crafts Small Shields and Large Shields
  • Fletcher’s Workshop (4 Planks): Crafts Warbows

Keep in mind that families living in plots converted into workshops become Artisans. Ensure you have unassigned families to replace them in your workforce.

Materials Needed to Craft Weapons and Armors in Manor Lords

Gather iron ore  to make iron slabs needed for weapon production in manor lords
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Weapon crafting in Manor Lords requires two primary materials: Planks and Iron Slabs.

  • Planks: Produced from Timber at Sawpits
  • Iron Slabs: Created at a Bloomery using Iron Ore gathered from Mining Pits placed over Iron deposits

To streamline production, place your workshops near the Storehouse where Planks and Iron Slabs are stockpiled. This minimizes travel time for workers gathering materials and allows Storehouse transporters to quickly collect finished weapons.

Crafting Weapons in Manor Lords

making weapons and shields in Manor Lords
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Each workshop can craft specific weapons and shields, with some requiring a combination of Planks and Iron Slabs. The table below outlines the weapons produced by each workshop, along with their material costs and the militia units they are needed for:

To select the type of weapon a workshop produces, click on the workshop, navigate to the General tab, and choose the desired Production Focus. You can also pause production entirely if needed.

How to Equip Weapons and Armor for Your Militia

With a steady supply of weapons and shields, you can begin equipping your militia. Open the Army menu and select “Create new units” to choose the type of militia unit you want to form.

WorkshopWeapons ProducedNeeded For
Blacksmith’s WorkshopSidearms (2 Iron Slabs), Spears (1 Iron Slab, 1 Plank), Polearms (1 Iron Slab, 1 Plank)Militia Footmen, Spear Militia, Polearm Militia
Joiner’s WorkshopSmall Shields (1 Plank), Large Shields (2 Planks)Militia Footmen, Spear Militia
Fletcher’s WorkshopWarbows (2 Planks)Archer Militia
How to Equip Weapons and Armor for Your Militia

Manor Lords will assign up to 36 male peasants to the unit, depending on the available weapons and shields. For example, if you have 24 Spears and Large Shields, you can create a Spear Militia unit with 24 men.

The four militia unit types in Manor Lords are:

  • Militia Footmen: Mobile infantry with Sidearms and Small Shields
  • Spear Militia: Defensive infantry with Spears and Large Shields
  • Polearm Militia: Balanced infantry with Polearms
  • Archer Militia: Ranged infantry with Warbows

Crafting weapons in Manor Lords is essential for defending your settlement and expanding your influence. By establishing artisan workshops, gathering the necessary materials, and equipping your militia, you’ll be prepared to face the challenges that await.