Manor Lords: All Buildings and Extensions List

Scarletrune |  Published: April 27, 2024

This extensive article will show you all of the buildings and extensions available in Manor Lords, including their requirements!

In Manor Lords, developing the right buildings and infrastructure is important for a thriving settlement. This comprehensive guide will walk you through every building type in the game, explaining their purpose and their material cost.

All Buildings List in Manor Lords

All Buildings List in Manor Lords
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With over 40 different buildings to construct in Manor Lords, it can be overwhelming to know which ones to prioritize first. Here we summarized every building’s description, so you can easily find out which one to build first on early-game and later in late-game.

Gathering Buildings in Manor Lords

Gathering buildings are crucial for collecting important raw materials naturally scattered across the map. These resources are essential for crafting advanced items and driving your town’s economy forward.

BuildingImageMaterial CostDescription
Logging CampManor Lords Logging CampTimber x2Workers produce Timber
Woodcutter’s LodgeManor Lords Woodcutter's LodgeTimber x1Workers gather Firewood from trees
SawpitManor Lords SawpitTimber x2Converts Timber into Planks and can set a construction reserve
Forester’s HutManor Lords Forester's HutTimber x2Workers plant new trees in designated zones
Charcoal KilnManor Lords Charcoal KinTimber x2Converts Firewood into Charcoal for fuel
Hunting CampManor Lords Hunting CampFreeWorkers hunt wild animals for Meat and Hides
Forager HutManor Lords Forager HutTimber x1Gathers Berries from deposits and can be upgraded for Herb production
ApiaryManor Lords ApiaryPlanks x2Workers collect Honey. Limited to 2 honey per region

Mining Buildings in Manor Lords

Mining buildings are important for getting minerals and raw materials from the ground. You need these materials to build strong structures and make armor.

BuildingImageMaterial CostDescription
Stonecutter CampManor Lords Stonecutter's CampTimber x2Gathers Stone from Fieldstone deposits
Mining PitManor Lords Mining PitTimber x1Extracts Iron Ore and Clay from deposits and can be upgraded to Deep Mine

Logistics Buildings in Manor Lords

Logistics buildings manage storing and moving goods across your estate, making sure you handle resources well and keep cash flowing smoothly.

BuildingImageMaterial CostDescription
GranaryManor Lords GranaryTimber x2, Stone x10Stores up to 500 food items or Ale
StorehouseManor Lords StorehouseTimber x2Stores up to 250 non-food resources and can set up marketplace stalls
Pack StationManor Lords Pack StationTimber x1Enables trade between regions using Mules for transportation
Hitching PostTimber x1Provides stable space and allows ordering Horses or Oxen for logistics

Residential Buildings in Manor Lords

Residential buildings cater to the needs and well-being of your citizen, making sure they remain content and productive.

BuildingImageMaterial CostDescription
WellTimber x1Provides drinking water to houses and enables firefighting
MarketplaceManor Lords MarketplaceFreeAllows families to set up stalls and distribute goods
Firewood CartFreePurchases Firewood using Regional Wealth for residents
Food CartFreePurchases Bread using Regional Wealth for residents
TavernManor Lords TavernTimber x5Fulfills entertainment needs and requires Ale to operate
ChurchManor Lords ChurchTimber x5, Planks x20, Stone x 10Fulfills faith requirements and provides burial ground
Corpse PitManor Lords Corpse PitFreeDisposes of raider corpses

Farming Buildings in Manor Lords

Farming buildings are crucial for sustainable food production and raising livestock, providing renewable resources to support your growing population.

BuildingImageMaterial CostDescription
FieldManor Lords FieldFreeGrow crops like Wheat, Flax, and Barley, but requires a Farmhouse
FarmhouseTimber x3Employs families to work the Fields
PastureFreeProvides grazing space for livestock
Sheep FarmManor Lords Sheep FarmTimber x1Workers collect Wool from Sheep
WindmillManor Lords WindmillTimber x4Converts Grain into Flour
Communal OvenManor Lords Communal OvenTimber x2Workers bake Bread from Flour

Industry Buildings in Manor Lords

Industry buildings refine raw materials into usable items. All of the buildings below require monthly refueling, except Tannery, Weaver Workshop, and Dyer’s Workshop.

BuildingImageMaterial CostDescription
BloomeryManor Lords BloomeryTimber x2Converts Iron Ore into Iron Slabs
SmithyManor Lords Smithy & BlacksmithTimber x2Crafts Tools from Iron Slabs
Clay FurnaceManor Lords Clay FurnaceTimber x2, Stone x5Produces Clay Tiles from Clay
MalthouseManor Lords MalthouseTimber x4Converts Barley into Malt
TanneryManor Lords TanneryTimber x4Produces Leather from Hides
Weaver WorkshopTimber x4Produces Yarn from Wool and Linen from Flax
Dyer’s WorkshopManor Lords Dyer's WorkshopTimber x2Converts Berries into Dyes

Trade Buildings in Manor Lords

Trade buildings help you trade goods between regions, boosting your economy and letting you get a variety of resources.

BuildingImageMaterial CostDescription
Trading PostManor Lords Trading PostTimber x4Enables trade with merchants, trade points, and other regions
Livestock Trading PostManor Lords Livestock Trading PostTimber x2Specialized in trading livestock

Administration Buildings in Manor Lords

Administration buildings handle the politics and expansion of your settlement. They let you change policies, collect taxes, and start new settlement.

BuildingImageMaterial CostDescription
Settlers CampRegional Wealth x250Allows claiming and settling a new region with starting supplies
ManorManor Lords ManorTimber x5, Planks x20, Stone x15Your personal residence that requires fuel

All Extensions List in Manor Lords

All Extensions List in Manor Lords
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These are the 12 extension buildings that you can construct in Manor Lords. Check them out!

Burgage Extension Buildings

Burgage Extensions are specialized buildings constructed within Burgage Plots, allowing for localized production of various goods. Here is the complete list:

ExtensionImageMaterial CostYield
Vegetable GardenManor Lords Vegetable GardenRegional Wealth x15Vegetables
Chicken CoopManor Lords Chicken CoopRegional Wealth x25Eggs
Goat ShedManor Lords Goat ShedRegional Wealth x25Hides
Apple OrchardRegional Wealth x50Apples
Fletcher’s WorkshopPlanks x4Warbows
Joiner’s WorkshopPlanks x4Wooden Parts, Shields
Brewery ExtensionPlanks x5, Regional Wealth x5Ale
Cobbler’s WorkshopPlanks x5, Regional Wealth x5Shoes
Tailor’s WorkshopManor Lords Tailor's WorkshopPlanks x5, Regional Wealth x5Clothes, Cloaks, Gambesons
Blacksmith’s WorkshopManor Lords Smithy & BlacksmithPlanks x5, Regional Wealth x5Tools, Sidearms, Spears, Polearms
BakeryManor Lords BakeryPlanks x5, Regional Wealth x5Bread (more efficient than Communal Oven)
Armorer’s WorkshopManor Lords Armorer's WorkshopPlanks x4, Regional Wealth x10Helmets, Mail Armor, Plate Armor

By understanding the purpose and requirements of each building type, you can strategically plan and develop a thriving settlement in Manor Lords.

Remember to prioritize the essential gathering, mining, and farming buildings first to establish a solid resource foundation. Then, expand into residential, industry, trade, and administration structures as your town grows and your needs evolve.