Monopoly GO Anniversary Auction All Rewards and Milestones

Kyuma |  Published: April 28, 2024

Earn and discover all Monopoly GO Anniversary Auction rewards for all 48 milestones in this solo event guide.

Monopoly GO is celebrating its anniversary with an exciting solo event called the “Anniversary Auction.” This goal-oriented mini-event offers players the chance to earn various rewards, including free dice, stickers, and more.

The event spans three days, giving participants ample time to accumulate points and reach the various milestones.

Monopoly GO Anniversary Auction Event Rewards and Milestones

Monopoly GO Anniversary Auction Event April 28
Image Credits: Scopely

The primary objective of the Anniversary Auction event is to collect as many points as possible within the given timeframe. Players can earn points by making pickups on the game board. The total number of free dice rolls available to be won in this event is an impressive 15,180.

As players progress through the event and reach specific point thresholds, they will unlock a variety of rewards. Here is a complete list of all Monopoly GO Anniversary Auction Event Rewards and Milestones:

Monopoly GO Anniversary Auction MilestonePointsMonopoly GO Anniversary Auction Rewards
1570 Dice
3101-Star Sticker Pack (x2)
415125 Dice
51580 Dice
620120 Dice
725120 Dice
82510-minute Boost
935230 Dice
1025140 Dice
11301-Star Sticker Pack (x2)
131805-Star Sticker Pack (x6)
14450600 Dice
15502-Star Sticker Pack (x3)
166010-minute Boost
1770220 Dice
19900800 Dice
20603-Star Sticker Pack (x3)
2165250 Dice
239010-minute Boost
249001,200 Dice
25120260 Dice
262004-Star Sticker Pack (x4)
27280280 Dice
28100100 Dice
30125125 Dice
31170320 Dice
332104-Star Sticker Pack (x4)
341,8001,500 Dice
35250350 Dice
361,5005-minute Boost
37600380 Dice
38700380 Dice
394,0002,800 Dice
4070015-minute Boost
41800500 Dice
422,700450 Dice
441,000700 Dice
461,5005-Star Sticker Pack (x6)
471,500650 Dice
487,5006,500 Dice
Monopoly GO Anniversary Auction Event Rewards and Milestones

The Monopoly GO Anniversary Auction solo event offers an exciting opportunity for players to celebrate the game’s anniversary while earning a wide array of rewards.

By understanding the event objectives, and milestone progression, and employing strategic gameplay, players can make the most of this limited-time event and come away with a substantial collection of dice, stickers, and other valuable prizes.