Once Human: How to Unlock and Use the Wish Machine

ruekuma |  Published: July 10, 2024

Discover how to unlock and use the Wish Machine in Once Human. Learn about Starchrom, Gacha mechanics, and valuable rewards in this guide.

The Wish Machine in Once Human is a fun way to get new gear and blueprints. It’s like a mini-game inside the machine game that can give you some great stuff.

Let’s talk about how to unlock and use the Wish Machine, and what you can get from it in Once Human.

How to Unlock the Wish Machine in Once Human

Once Human Wish Greywater Camp
Image Credits: Jurassic Acid Gaming via Youtube /GameWitted

To unlock the Wish Machine you’ll need to progress through the main story until you reach Greywater Camp.

It’s north of Deadsville and you’ll want to use a motorcycle to get there faster. Once you arrive a cutscene will play introducing you to the Wish Machine.

After that, you can craft it in your own base using specific materials like Copper Ingots, Rusted Parts, and Glass.

How to Use the Wish Machine in Once Human

Once Human How to Use the Wish Machine
Image Credits: Starry Studios

Now that you’ve unlocked it here’s how to use it:

  1. Get some Starchrom. This is the currency you’ll need.
  2. Choose how many times you want to draw. One draw costs 500 Starchrom or you can do 10 draws for 5000.
  3. Play the little mini-game where you hit a llama with a mallet. Don’t worry you can’t mess this up.
  4. Get your prize!

What Can You Get?

The Wish Machine can give you all sorts of good stuff:

  • Blueprints
  • Cosmetics
  • Gear

The best part is once you get something it’s taken out of the pool. So you won’t get the same thing twice.

There are different prize pools too and more will be added as time goes on.

Getting More Starchrom

Starchrom is the key to using the Wish Machine. Here’s how to get more:

  • Complete Tasks
  • Finish Events
  • Log in regularly

Make sure to claim your rewards manually. Check your Task Journal (press J) in the Events tab and the Current Season option.

Don’t forget about these or you might miss out on thousands of Starchrom!

Why Use the Wish Machine in Once Human?

Once Human Wish Machine
Image Credits: Jurassic Acid Gaming via Youtube /GameWitted

The Wish Machine is a great way to boost your progress in Once Human. It can give you gear and blueprints that might take a long time to find otherwise. Plus it’s just fun to use!

Remember the Wish Machine is a game of chance. You might not always get what you want but that’s part of the excitement. Keep trying and you’re bound to get something good eventually.

So next time you’re in your base stop by the Wish Machine. Who knows? You might just get that blueprint or piece of gear you’ve been looking for. Happy wishing!


  • How does the wish machine work once human?
    • The Wish Machine uses Starchrom currency to randomly draw items from various prize pools including blueprints, cosmetics, and gear.
  • Where is the Wish Machine located in Once Human?
    • The Wish Machine is initially found in Greywater Camp but can be crafted and placed in your own base after unlocking it.
  • Can you get duplicate items from the Wish Machine?
    • No, once you receive an item from the Wish Machine it’s removed from the prize pool preventing duplicates.