Rise of the Ronin: Those Who Lead Quest Guide

ruekuma |  Published: April 09, 2024

Complete the Those Who Lead quest in Rise of the Ronin with this guide and get one step closer to reviving the Shogunate.

Those Who Lead Quest sends you on a new mission to recruit skilled individuals who can contribute to this challenge. This guide breaks down the steps to complete Those Who Lead Quest in Rise of the Ronin.

Those Who Lead Quest Guide in Rise of the Ronin

Those Who Lead Quest is unlocked after completing the previous mission to meet Kaishu Katsu, where you were tasked with helping him revive the Shogunate.

This quest is the first of three main quests you must complete in Reinventing the Shogunate.

Step 1: Visit the Chiba Dojo

Visit the Chiba Dojo
Team Ninja

To begin this mission, you need to head to the Chiba Dojo, located in the Kyobashi district, a few districts west of Kaishu Katsu’s estate. Upon arrival, you will find Ryoma Sakamoto waiting outside.

Step 2: Deadly Blade, Demon Belle

Deadly Blade, Demon Belle
Team Ninja

During the conversation with Ryoma, you will be given the option to start a sub-mission called “Deadly Blade, Demon Belle.” This sub-mission must be completed before you can move forward with the main quest.


  • Greenhorn’s Paired Swords
  • Wooden Polearm
  • Black Sand Steel x3
  • Anti-Ki Remedy


  • Ryoma Sakamoto

Defeat Sana Chiba

Defeat Sana Chiba
Team Ninja

In this sub-mission, you will encounter Sana Chiba, a skilled martial artist who challenges Ryoma to a duel. Ryoma suggests that you fight Sana instead, and you must defeat her in a sparring match using non-lethal wooden weapons.

Noteworthy Sana Chiba attacks:

  • Martial Skill 1 – Kick: Two quick polearm strikes followed by a long-distance kick.
  • Martial Skill 2 – Dive Attack: Spins with the polearm, then dives at the target
  • Spinning Polearm Combo: Spins with the polearm, then delivers a flying kick.
  • Polearm Combo: Four quick attacks, including an overhead strike and a jab.
  • Polearm Slash: Two swings with the polearm.

After defeating Sana, interact with the nearby Veiled Edge Banner before exiting and then follow the objective marker.

Defeat Hachiro Kiyokawa

Defeat Hachiro Kiyokawa
Team Ninja

On the way to go after Ryoma and Sana, you will have to face off against Hachiro Kiyokawa. The renowned swordsman agrees to lend his assistance if you can defeat him in a duel.

Noteworthy Hachiro Kiyokawa attacks:

  • Martial Skill 1 – Dragging Slash: Charges forward, dragging the Odachi on the ground, then slashes upon reaching the target.
  • Martial Skill 2 – Jumping Overhead Strike: Leaps into the air, delivering a powerful overhead strike with the Odachi.
  • Sword Slash Combo: Executes a series of Odachi swings, alternating between left and right sides, delivering 4 to 6 attacks.
  • Heavy Jab: Leans back with the Odachi before lunging forward, executing a forceful jab with the weapon.

Step 3: Speak with Shusaku Chiba

Speak with Shusaku Chiba
Team Ninja

Upon successfully defeating Hachiro, Sana’s uncle, Shusaku Chiba, will appear and suggest you visit the Odani Dojo. There you can find Nobutomo Odani, Edo’s greatest swordsman, who may be able to provide further assistance.

Completing Those Who Lead Quest in Rise of the Ronin

The successful completion of the Those Who Lead quest will unlock additional optional missions related to the Odani Dojo and its master, Nobutomo Odani. These bond missions are:

  • The Three Blades of the Era
  • The Sword Saint

These missions can provide you with the opportunity to deepen your bonds and gather more skilled individuals to support Kaishu Katsu’s vision for reviving the shogunate.

With the completion of this quest, you will be one step closer to fulfilling Katsu’s objectives and shaping the future of the nation. It’s time to tackle the next mission: It Hurts to Be Good.

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