Rise of the Ronin: It Hurts to be Good Quest Guide

ruekuma |  Published: April 10, 2024

Complete the It Hurts to be Good quest in Rise of the Ronin with this guide and get one step closer to reviving the Shogunate.

It Hurts to Be Good quest focuses on addressing an outbreak and recruiting an expert to aid in the effort to revive the Shogunate. This guide breaks down the steps to complete It Hurts to Be Good Quest in Rise of the Ronin.

It Hurts to Be Good Quest Guide in Rise of the Ronin

It Hurts to Be Good Quest Guide in Rise of the Ronin
Team Ninja

It Hurts to Be Good Quest unlocks after the completion of the previous quest of meeting Khaisu Katsu, during which you were assigned to assist him in the revival of the Shogunate in Rise of the Ronin.

Access this quest after you complete the first main quest in Reinventing the Shogunate: Those Who Lead quest.

It Hurts to Be Good quest centers on tackling the cholera outbreak in the area and enlisting a skilled medical expert to aid in the Shogunate’s revival journey.

Step 1: Visit Kanda Medical School

Visit Kanda Medical School
Team Ninja

To begin this mission, head to the Kanda Medical School, located in the Kanda district in the northeastern part of Edo. 

Upon arriving, you’ll find Ine Katsumoto, who is conducting research for a cure. She reveals that some of her experiments have inadvertently produced poison, including a lethal gas.

The Physician’s Request

The Physician's Request
Team Ninja

Ine Katsumoto will eventually ask you for a favor, which will initiate a sub-mission called The Physician’s Request. In this sub-mission, you must defend the Kanda Medical School from an attack by an anti-Shogunate group.

Possible allies:

  • Matthew Perry
  • Jules Brunet
  • Sana Chiba
Drive off the Expulsionists in the courtyard
Drive off the Expulsionists in the courtyard
Team Ninja

The sub-mission begins with you on a rooftop overlooking the courtyard of the Kanda Medical School. You will see several Expulsionists, the anti-Shogunate group, enter the area and start causing chaos.

Defeat enemy reinforcements

There are a total of eight enemies in the initial wave, with seven wandering around the greenhouse and its surroundings, and one more on a rooftop opposite the greenhouse. 

One of the enemies at the greenhouse will be a Formidable Foe, a tougher enemy type. You can use the tall shrubs in the area for cover and try to take out as many enemies as possible before being spotted.

Once you engage the first group, a second wave of seven enemies will appear from the west. Again, try to take them out stealthily if possible. One of these enemies will also be a Formidable Foe.

Head to Ine’s rescue
Head to Ine's rescue
Team Ninja

After clearing the second wave, a barricade will fall, and another group of nine Expulsionists will rush in. This group includes a couple of tough enemies wielding Odachis and a Formidable Foe. Defeat this final wave to fulfill the optional objective.

Defeat the Fox-Mask Retainer and Tengu-Mask Retainer
Defeat the Fox-Mask Retainer and Tengu-Mask Retainer
Team Ninja

The last part of the sub-mission is a boss fight against the Fox-Mask Retainer and Tengu-Mask Retainer.

The Fox-Mask Retainer uses a bayonet with both melee and ranged attacks, while the Tengu-Mask Retainer wields a spear. There are poisonous pots scattered around the arena that you can use to your advantage.

Fox-Mask Retainer noteworthy attacks:

  • Bayonet Strike: Performs two quick swings with the bayonet, followed by a charged big swing.
  • Grab: Raises off-hand briefly before lunging for a grab attack.
  • Four Slash Combo: Executes a four-hit combo with the bayonet.
  • Hit and Shoot Combo: Combines punches and gunshots similar to the slash combo.
  • Rolling Shot: Rolls towards the target or dashes while firing the gun.

Tengu-Mask Retainer noteworthy attacks:

  • Spin: Pulls back the spear and spins rapidly in a circle.
  • Overhead Stab: Begins with two quick spin attacks then delivers an overhead stab.
  • Leaping Grab: Rushes and uses the spear to leap over the target, attempting a grab.
  • Low Spin: Crouches down and performs a spinning attack, causing sparks on the ground.
  • Lunge Combo: Launches forward with the spear, followed by two spinning attacks.
  • Extended Spear Combo: Extends the spear for a five-hit combo, returning it to normal size at the end.

Defeating the Fox-Mask Retainer and Tengu-Mask Retainer will complete The Physician’s Request sub-mission.


For completing The Physician’s Request mission, you can expect the following rewards:

  • Katana (Excellent)
  • Arrows x6
  • Toxic Whetstone
  • Arrowhead Poison
  • Silver Coins x3

Step 2: Go to Kodenmacho to Meet Shosaku Narasaki

Go to Kodenmacho to Meet Shosaku Narasaki
Team Ninja

After completing The Physician’s Request sub-mission, your next objective is to head to the Kodenmacho Prison, located in the Nihonbashi district a short distance to the southeast from the Kanda Medical School.

Upon arrival, you will find Shosaku Narasaki’s daughter arguing with guards at the entrance, revealing that Shosaku has been caught and is awaiting execution.

Step 3: Pursue Shosaku Narasaki’s Daughter

Pursue Shosaku Narasaki's Daughter
Team Ninja

Following the scene at the Kodenmacho Prison, Ryoma Sakamoto will join you and encourage you to chase after Shosaku Narasaki’s daughter before she gets away. Ryoma will lead the way, and you should follow him to catch up with the girl.

Step 4: Talk to Ryoma

Talk to Ryoma
Team Ninja

Once you and Ryoma have caught up with Shosaku Narasaki’s daughter, Ryoma will suggest breaking into the prison to free him. You should agree to Ryoma’s plan, and you will both return to the gate at the Kodenmacho Prison to attack the guards.

Prison Break: Shosaku Narasaki

This sub-mission involves exploring the prison, opening cells, and recruiting temporary allies to assist in the jailbreak.

Possible allies:

  • Ryoma Sakamoto
  • Temporary prison allies
Find Shosaku Narasaki
Prison Break: Shosaku Narasaki
Team Ninja

After defeating the guards at the gate, you and Ryoma will find yourselves imprisoned. You’ll start in a cell with three hostile prisoners, and you’ll need to defeat them to progress and locate the keys to free Shosaku Narasaki.

As you explore the prison, you’ll find various cells you can open, some of which contain temporary allies who will join you in the jailbreak. You’ll also encounter several Formidable Foes, including one guarding the keys you need to reach Shosaku.

Defeat Asaemon Yamada
Defeat Asaemon Yamada
Team Ninja

The final obstacle is the boss battle against Asaemon Yamada, a large enemy wielding a greatsword.

Asaemon Yamada noteworthy attacks:

  • Jumping Slash: Rushes forward with a sword swing, then leaps for a slashing strike in mid-air.
  • Throw: Stabs the ground to lift a rock with the sword, spins, and hurls it at the target.
  • Grab: Pulls back off-hand, and rushes forward to attempt a grab.
  • Slashing Combo: Executes three swinging attacks followed by an overhead strike.
  • Spinning Combo: Performs two spinning strikes, followed by a slash and another spinning strike.

Defeating Asaemon Yamada will allow you to free Shosaku Narasaki and complete the Prison Break: Shosaku Narasaki sub-mission.


For completing the Prison Break: Shosaku Narasaki mission, you can expect the following rewards:

  • Kirizuka Handle
  • Old Jar (Medium)
  • Recluse’s Smoke Bomb
  • Jizo Statuette
  • Silver Coins x3

Step 5: Report to Ine Kusumoto about the Prison Incident

With Shosaku Narasaki safely freed, you must return to the Kanda Medical School and inform Ine Kusumoto of the events that transpired at the Kodenmacho Prison. This will conclude the It Hurts to Be Good quest.

Completing It Hurts to Be Good Quest in Rise of the Ronin

Completing It Hurts to Be Good Quest in Rise of the Ronin
Team Ninja

The successful completion of the It Hurts to be Good quest will pave an easy way for you to tackle the next main mission: A Mighty Soldier

This quest will present new challenges and opportunities for you as you continue your journey to revive the Shogunate and shape the future of the nation.

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