Rise of the Ronin: A Mighty Soldier Quest Guide

ruekuma |  Published: April 11, 2024

Complete the A Mighty Soldier quest in Rise of the Ronin with this guide and get one step closer to reviving the Shogunate.

A Mighty Soldier quest revolves around assisting the shogunate in strengthening its military to withstand Western influence. This guide breaks down the steps to complete A Mighty Soldier Quest in Rise of the Ronin.

A Mighty Soldier Quest Guide in Rise of the Ronin

A Mighty Soldier Quest Guide in Rise of the Ronin
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A Mighty Soldier Quest unlocks after the completion of the previous quest meeting Khaisu Katsu, during which you were assigned to assist him in the revival of the Shogunate in Rise of the Ronin.

Access this quest after you complete the first main quest in Reinventing the Shogunate: Those Who Lead quest and It Hurts to Be Good quest.

A Mighty Soldier quest involves mediating with a French officer, impressing a key figure in training forces to Western standards (Brunet), and preparing for upcoming military exercises.

Step 1: Visit Takeaki Enomoto

Visit Takeaki Enomoto
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The first step in the A Mighty Soldier quest is to seek out Takeaki Enomoto, who can be found in the center of the Edo region, in the Kojimachi area

Speak with Takeaki, and he will present you with the Powder Smoke at the Castle mission, where you must aid the shogunate soldiers receiving French military training.

Powder Smoke at the Castle

Powder Smoke at the Castle
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This mission will task you with fighting your way through the French forces to reach the back end of the area. As you progress, you’ll encounter various challenges, including machine gun-wielding enemies, French soldiers with rifles, and a formidable greatsword-wielding foe.

Available Allies:

  • Ryoma Sakamoto
  • Yasusuke Sawamura
  • Sana Chiba
  • Gonzo
Head to the Drill Court
Head to the Drill Court
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After beginning the mission, follow Takeaki Enomoto to the Veiled Edge Banner, which marks the entrance to the drill court. Immediately ahead and to the right, you’ll find two soldiers manning machine guns. 

Take out your ranged weapon, such as a gun or bow if you have one. Alternatively, you can sprint to the right and follow a path that will allow you to bypass the machine guns and the rifle-wielding French soldiers.

Fight Your Way through the French Army Base
Explore the Trench and Defeat the Formidable Foe
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If you don’t want to rush head-first, there’s a trench to your left that wraps around to the right machine gun. Inside the trench, you’ll find two enemies. 

On the far right of this area, behind the right machine gun, is the first Veiled Edge Banner checkpoint. From there, head straight across the battlefield to the left side, putting you behind the first machine gun.

Behind the machine gun, you’ll find the first of two formidable enemies, a French soldier wielding a greatsword, as well as the first of two treasure chests in this area.

Navigate the Cannon-Filled Battlefield
Navigate the Cannon-Filled Battlefield
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Ahead, you’ll encounter a cannon that deals significant damage and sets you on fire. The best way to get behind the cannon is from the location of the treasure chest.

There’s a small ramp leading up to a platform, and if you jump off the platform, you’ll find two grappling points in the trees that will swing you directly on top of the cannon, making it unable to shoot you.

Traverse the Trench and Reach the Second Veiled Edge Banner
Traverse the Trench and Reach the Second Veiled Edge Banner
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The next area has two soldiers with rifles and another cannon on the far end. There’s no way to sneak around, but there’s plenty of wooden cover, so you can duck in and out to avoid their attacks.

In the following area, you’ll encounter multiple soldiers with rifles, along with two machine guns posted further back. The optimal path is to go into the trench and head to the left, which will take you around the back. 

A split path halfway through the trench
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Halfway through the trench, there’s a split path, with one track leading to the far left of the battlefield and the other heading towards the objective at the top end. The optimal path is to continue heading to the far left.

Confront the Second Formidable Foe and Reach the Objective
Grapple point
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Once you reach the far end, you’ll find a grapple point against the left wall. There’s a cannon with a view of you here, so you’ll need to make fast movements to avoid getting hit. Run forward, grapple up the point, and head forward to see another grapple point leading up to the cannon. Dispatch the cannon operator and continue to the objective.

A large enemy wielding two hatchets
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If you head to the right, you can find the second formidable enemy, a large enemy wielding two hatchets, located behind the middle machine gun, as well as the second treasure chest behind the far machine gun.

Defeat Jules Brunet
Defeat Jules Brunet in A Mighty Soldier Quest in Rise of the Ronin
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The culmination of this mission is a boss battle against Jules Brunet, a French officer wielding a saber and a shield. 

Brunet will employ a variety of attacks, including shield tosses, shield charges, and diving attacks. Keep a close eye on his move set and be prepared to parry and counter his strikes.

At the halfway point of the battle, Brunet will switch to a polearm and shield combination, introducing new challenges. His polearm attacks have increased range, forcing you to maintain your distance or time your parries perfectly.

Jules Brunet’s noteworthy attacks:

  • Shield Toss: Pulls back shield before throwing, does a follow-up if not countered.
  • Shield Charge: Crouches forward behind his shield before charging forward.
  • Diving Attack: Leaps into the air for an overhead strike.
  • Polearm Strike: Swings polearm horizontally in a swift motion.
  • Polearm Overhead Combo: Executes two overhead swings with the polearm, followed by an unblockable strike, occasionally skipping the initial swings.
  • Shield Toss (Variant): Rapidly throws shield before rolling in for a sword attack.
  • Plunging Stab: Leaps into the air, followed by repetitive stabbing.
  • Stab Combo: Pulls back his sword and lunges forward with a stab followed by two additional strikes.
  • Polearm Rush: Rushes in with a shield, pushes, and unleashes three subsequent attacks.

By defeating Jules Brunet, you’ll have the opportunity to establish a bond with him, paving the way for future collaborations.


For completing the Powder Smoke at the Castle mission, you can expect the following rewards:

  • 2800 Coins
  • 355 XP
  • Revolver Mk. II
  • Handgun Bullet x6
  • Miniature Cannon
  • Endurance Remedy x1

Step 2: Visit Tatsugoro Shinmon

Visit Tatsugoro Shinmon
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With the Powder Smoke at the Castle mission completed, your next step is to meet with Tatsugoro Shinmon in the Asakusa district. Tatsugoro will task you with dealing with a group of arsonists in the area, in exchange for his assistance in recruiting more soldiers to be trained by Jules Brunet.

The Chivalry of the Denshutai

The Chivalry of the Denshutai
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This mission is structured in a non-linear fashion, with four different areas to explore and arsonists to defeat. As you navigate the temple district, you’ll also encounter three formidable foes that you can choose to take on as optional objectives.

Available Allies:

  • Ryoma Sakamoto
  • Yasusuke Sawamura
  • Sana Chiba
  • Toshimichi Okubo
  • Jules Brunet
  • Matthew Perry
Locate and Defeat the Arsonists
Defeat the Arsonists
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  • The first group of arsonists can be found in a small side area to the west
  • The second group is located at the top of a burning building
  • The third arsonist is atop a tall pagoda, requiring you to ascend a series of ropes and platforms to reach them.
  • The final arsonist can be found in a burning structure on a small island surrounded by a moat.

Throughout your exploration, keep an eye out for Veiled Edge Banner checkpoints, treasure chests, and additional enemies. Carefully plan your approach and use a combination of stealth, ranged attacks, and agile movement to overcome the challenges.

Defeat Tatsugoro Shinmon
Defeat Tatsugoro Shinmon in A Mighty Soldier Quest in Rise of the Ronin
Team Ninja

After completing the arsonist objectives, return to the main temple, where you’ll find Tatsugoro Shinmon waiting for you. Tatsugoro will challenge you to a fight, wielding a massive hammer and employing a variety of damaging attacks, including:

Tatsugoro’s noteworthy attacks:

  • Martial Skill 1 – Overhead Smash: Performs two kicking attacks and swings their hammer at the target once, finishing with the unblockable overhead hammer strike.
  • Martial Skill 2 – Jumping Hammer: Leaps into the air and brings down the hammer on the target.
  • Martial Skill 3 – Hammer Rush: Holds the hammer vertically in front, rushes towards the target, and hits them with the handle.
  • Martial Skill 4 – Fake Out: Rushes towards the target, feigning hammer swings with kicks, followed by two actual hammer swings, the second being unblockable.
  • Spinning Combo: Begins spinning with the hammer and advances towards the target, rotating until reaching them, plus one additional spin upon engagement.
  • Hop Combo: Hops towards the target on one foot, then executes two spinning hammer hits.

Completing this mission and defeating Tatsugoro Shinmon will establish a bond with him, allowing you to deepen your relationship and potentially unlock new opportunities in the future.


For completing The Chivalry of the Denshutai mission, you can expect the following rewards:

  • 2500 Coins
  • 410 XP
  • Ornate Rifle
  • Rifle Bullet x6
  • Flaming Whetstone x1
  • Arrowhead Oil x1

Completing A Mighty Soldier Quest in Rise of the Ronin

By successfully navigating the Powder Smoke at the Castle and The Chivalry of the Denshutai sub-missions, you have completed the A Mighty Soldier quest in Rise of the Ronin. 

As you move forward, the bonds you’ve built with characters like Jules Brunet and Tatsugoro Shinmon will continue to influence the events that unfold. 

The next quest, Looking Ahead will build upon the foundations laid in the successful completion of the three main quests in Reinventing the Shogunate. Those Who Lead quest, It Hurts to Be Good quest, and A Mighty Soldier quest are all essential keys to Reinventing the Shogunate and shaping the story’s future.

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