Sand Land: A Tank? Sign Me Up Quest Guide

Scarletrune |  Published: April 29, 2024

In this article, you will find out how to complete A Tank? Sign Me Up! quest in Sand Land. We will explain everything you need to know!

Your adventure in Sand Land gets more thrilling after finding out that there is a tank at Napps Base nearby. In A Tank? Sign Me Up! quest, you’re assigned to sneak into the military base and take control of the powerful vehicle.

A Tank? Sign Me Up! Quest Guide in Sand Land

Here is the complete step-by-step guide to help you tackle A Tank? Sign Me Up! quest in Sand Land. Check them out!

Step 1: The Infiltration

Sand Land A Tank? Sign Me Up! Quest Guide
Bandai Namco

To get to Napps Base, you have to go through a cave to avoid a military checkpoint. Look for Iron Ore deposits on your map. You can smash them for useful crafting materials. Inside the cave, watch out for scorpions hiding in the sand

Sand Land A Tank? Sign Me Up! Quest Guide
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Once inside the base, swiftly dispatch the lone soldier guarding the entrance, allowing you to sneak under the barbed fence. Locate and loot the scattered chests, serving as breadcrumbs guiding your path.

Once you’re inside the base, take out the lone guard quickly so you can slip under the barbed fence unnoticed. Here, keep on looking for scattered chests too. They’ll guide you and provide loot along the way.

Step 2: Navigating the Base

Sand Land A Tank? Sign Me Up! Quest Guide
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Move across the rooftops, using double jumps and zip lines to go further into the compound. Be careful though, because guards are always around. Use stealth, hiding in tents and behind crates, to avoid being seen.

As you go, listen in on conversations that might mention a captive woman, hinting at Ann’s arrival.

Continue your quest by crossing power cables, watching out for exposed electrical areas, and in the end, head to the warehouse where the tank is stored.

Step 3: Securing the Tank

Sand Land A Tank? Sign Me Up! Quest Step 3
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After you find Ann, there will be a cutscene showing Ann asking your squad to free her from captivity. With Ann’s help, take control of the tank and get ready to face the base’s security forces. Smash through barricades and avoid enemy units, using nitro and tricky moves to save health for the upcoming boss fight.

Step 4: Tank Battle and Customization

Sand Land Battle Tank
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Next, you will engage the powerful Royal Army tank in an intense showdown. A strategic approach is to circle the enemy while maintaining a steady barrage of fire. When you win this battle, you will be prompted to collect a new tank part, unlocking the vehicle customization system.

Sand Land A Tank? Sign Me Up! Quest Step 4.2
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At a nearby campsite, you can find out and learn how to enhance your tank’s capabilities, tailoring it to your play style. As the cutscene unfolds, seize the opportunity to level up once again, further strengthening your arsenal.

Completing A Tank? Sign Me Up! Quest in Sand Land

A Tank? Sign Me Up! Quest Sand Land
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The “A Tank? Sign Me Up!” quest is a crucial moment in your journey through Sand Land. By mastering stealth, combat, and customizing your vehicle, you gain a powerful new ally: your own tank. This unlocks new opportunities for exploration and conquest in this expansive and challenging terrain.

After this quest is complete, you will continue your journey with a new quest called “Need a Lift, Ann?”

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