Solo Leveling ARISE Hunter Tier List: All Hunters Ranked (June 2024)

Scarletrune |  Published: June 03, 2024

In this tier list, we’ll explore Solo Leveling ARISE’s hunters in various classes, assessing their strengths and roles, and ranking them from best to worst.

The hit mobile RPG Solo Leveling ARISE has a roster of powerful Hunters to collect. With frequent updates and balance changes, it can be tricky to know which characters are worth investing in. This tier list ranks all the Hunters in Solo Leveling ARISE as of June 2024, from the god-tier meta picks to the weakest links.

Solo Leveling ARISE Hunter Tier List (June 2024)

Solo Leveling ARISE Hunter Tier List (June 2024)

When building a team in Solo Leveling ARISE, it’s crucial to consider not just Hunter’s overall power, but also their class. While this list provides a general ranking, always prioritize class match-ups over raw tier placement.

The star of the show is still the protagonist Sung Jinwoo, who consistently ranks in SS-tier thanks to his versatility. His unique ability to master multiple weapons and swap between classes makes him a flexible pick for any class.

Here is a summary of our Solo Leveling ARISE hunter tier list:

Solo Leveling ARISE Hunter Tier List (June 2024)
SS-TierChoi Jong-In, Emma Laurent, Alicia Blanche, Min Byung-Gu, and Seo Jiwoo
S-TierBaek Yoonho
A-TierNam Chae-Young, Hwang Dongsuk, and Park Heejin
B-TierKim Chul, Yoo Jinho, Anna Ruiz, and Woo Jinchul
C-TierSong Chiyul, Han Song-Yi, and Hwang Dongsoo
D-TierJo Kyuhwan, Lee Joohee, Kim Sangshik, and Park Beom-shik

Now let’s break down the rankings for each element, starting with the heavy-hitters:

Solo Leveling ARISE SS-Tier Hunters

Choi Jong In Solo Leveling ARISE
Choi Jong-In
Fire Currently the hardest-hitting Hunter in the game. His devastating ultimate ability can singlehandedly turn the tide of battle.
Emma Laurent Solo Leveling ARISE
Emma Laurent
FireAn MVP who excels at breaking, DPS, and even off-tanking.
Alicia Blanche
Alicia Blanche
WaterAn absolute powerhouse. Has strong AoE attacks, potent debuffs, and team-wide buffs.
Min Byung-Gu Solo Leveling ARISE
Min Byung-Gu
LightThe king of crit buffs for your entire team. He also provides excellent healing and enemy debuffs.
Seo Jiwoo Solo Leveling ARISE
Seo Jiwoo
WaterThe only Water SSR at global launch and an absolute beast at grinding late-game content.

Solo Leveling ARISE S-Tier Hunters

Baek Yoonho Solo Leveling ARISE
Baek Yoonho
LightHis high defense scaling makes him surprisingly tanky for the damage he deals.

Solo Leveling ARISE A-Tier Hunters

Nam Chae-Young Solo Leveling ARISE
Nam Chae-Young
Water Her potent freezing abilities provide excellent crowd control.

Hwang Dongsuk Solo Leveling ARISE
Hwang Dongsuk
WindHis unique vacuum ability is great for grouping up mobs.
Park Heejin Solo Leveling ARISE
Park Heejin
WindHer damage scales well with ATK investment, and her teamwide buffs are a welcome addition.

Solo Leveling ARISE B-Tier Hunters

Kim Chul Solo Leveling ARISE
Kim Chul
LightA dedicated tank and shielder. He’ll keep the team alive through thick and thin.
Yoo jinho Solo Leveling ARISE
Yoo Jinho
Light His low damage holds him back, but he can still get the job done. The minor healing from his potion drop is a small bonus.
Anna Ruiz
Anna Ruiz
WaterShe’s a slow burner who is good for the late game. Pair her with Kang Taeshik for best results.
Woo JInchul Solo Leveling ARISE
Woo Jinchul
WindHis dodge-tank playstyle can clutch key moments with careful play.

Solo Leveling ARISE C-Tier Hunters

Song Chiyul Solo Leveling ARISE
Song Chiyul
FireA mediocre choice overall, but he’s often the only accessible Fire DPS for F2P players in the early game.
Han Song-Yi Solo Leveling ARISE
Han Song-Yi
Water A solid crit-based DPS held back by mediocre poison output compared to Anna. Still a strong pick if you lack better options.
Hwang Dongsoo Solo Leveling ARISE
Hwang Dongsoo
WindUnderwhelming for an SSR, but his niche shield break can make or break certain fights.

Solo Leveling ARISE D-Tier Hunters

Jo Kyuhwan Solo Leveling ARISE
Jo Kyuhwan
LightStrong in the early game due to his burn debuff, but his short range and sharp damage drop-off make him a risky long-term investment.
Lee Joohee Solo Leveling ARISE
Lee Joohee
Water A pure healer in a game that currently doesn’t prioritize healing.
Kim Sangshik Solo Leveling ARISE
Kim Sangshik
WindHis slow kit makes him hard to justify building over other Hunters.
Park Beom-Sik Solo Leveling ARISE
Park Beom-Shik
WindThe weakest Hunter in the game.

The Wind roster is currently looking quite sparse in the top tiers compared to other classes. Wind mains may struggle in some content until the developers release more viable options.

And that’s the current state of Solo Leveling ARISE’s Hunter tier list! Did any of these rankings surprise you?

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