Soulmask: Best Base Locations for Early to Mid Game

Suki |  Published: June 03, 2024

Discover the best early game base locations in Soulmask for optimal safety and resources. We’ll explain all you need to know!

In Soulmask, choosing the right base location is crucial for survival and progression. Early game base locations should be safe, resource-rich, and strategically positioned to ease advancement. With ample time and multiple gameplay of Soulmask we have played, we compiled the best locations for a base that worked for us. In this guide, we will be provide the best base locations for eatly to mid-game in Soulmask.

Best Early to Mid Game Base Locations in Soulmask

The map in Soulmask is vast, making it confusing for players to find the best location to build a base. To help you, we have compiled the best base locations for early game in Soulmask:

Inland Starter Zone

best base locations in soulmask
Image Credits: GameWitted

Perfect for the very beginning of the game, this area is almost free of threats, making it very safe.

This is a perfect spot to look for your early tribesmen. It’s really close to an Ancient Ruins guarded by Outcasts and a Flint Tribe Barbarian Barrack where you can look for the best tribesmen to recruit.

However, it lacks advanced resources, which means you’ll need to relocate for mid-game progression:

  • Danger Level: Very Low. Minimal threats, mainly piranhas in the water.
  • Resources: Basic. Good for early resources like trees, rocks, and clay, but lacking in advanced materials.
  • Progression: Limited. Far from essential ores needed for mid-game progression.

This spot is really great for initial stages but requires relocation for mid-game advancement. We recommend you to try this spot on your first run.

Lakeside Haven

best base locations in soulmask
Image Credits: GameWitted

This location is relatively safe, with minimal threats. It’s close to essential resources like clay, copper, and tin, making it ideal for early game players:

  • Danger Level: Low. Aside from a single jaguar and some minor threats, it’s relatively safe.
  • Resources: Excellent. Easy access to clay, copper, tin, and green crystals from nearby ruins.
  • Progression: Solid. Conveniently located for advancing to tougher regions.

This spot is ideal for early game with excellent resource availability and is the best first base relocation spot to prepare for mid-game progression.

South of Claw Tribe Barbarian Barrack

best early game base locations soulmask
Image Credits: GameWitted

This area is perfect for transitioning into the mid-game phase. Not only is it close to a Claw Tribe Barbarian Barrack, where you can recruit tribesmen with excellent traits, but it also offers a prime location for mining copper ore.

Additionally, it is conveniently near the teleporter, which will be essential when you begin relocating your base to a higher-level biome.

However, it comes with moderate danger due to nearby jaguars and alligators. It’s suitable for players who can handle some early threats:

  • Danger Level: Moderate. Wildlife includes jaguars and alligators, posing a threat to lower-level players.
  • Resources: Abundant. Copper and tin ores are nearby, along with ample rocks, trees, and clay.
  • Progression: Good. Located relatively close to important areas for progression.

Suitable for early to mid-game players with some defensive preparations.

Jungle Edge

best base locations in soulmask
Image Credits: GameWitted

This area offers a mix of safety and resource proximity. It’s relatively safe unless you wander too far, but getting to advanced resources requires travel:

  • Danger Level: Low to Moderate. Piranhas are the main threat unless venturing too far.
  • Resources: Sufficient. Close to trees, rocks, clay, and nearby ruins for early game needs.
  • Progression: Challenging. Far from crucial ores, making resource gathering tedious.

This spot is suitable for safe early-game setup but requires eventual move.


As a beginner, choosing the right base location in Soulmask can significantly impact your early and mid-game experience. While lakeside and river spots provide excellent resources and manageable danger levels, inland areas offer safety but demand future relocation.

Consider these factors carefully to ensure a strong start and smooth progression in your adventure.

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