Soulmask Hotfix 1 Patch Notes (4 June)

Suki |  Published: June 05, 2024

Discover the complete patch notes for the first Soulmask Early Access hotfix update in this detailed article.

Soulmask, the latest sensation in the survival crafting genre, has captivated gamers worldwide since its Early Access launch. The developers have recently released the first hotfix to improve the game’s quality. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the Soulmask Hotfix 1 patch notes.

Soulmask Hotfix 1 Patch Notes

Soulmask hotfix 1 patch notes
CampFire Studios

On June 4th, 2024, Soulmask released its first hotfix for the Early Access version. This update includes a variety of game optimizations, bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements designed to enhance the gaming experience. Let’s take a look at the complete patch notes.

Game Optimizations

  • Added Deter protection; activating Deter no longer inflicts damage on either side.
  • Advanced wood production now yields additional logs alongside the hardwood.
  • Adjusted the Stone Barrier’s model to eliminate collisions with its bottom protrusions.
  • Optimized the attack range of the Butcher’s Knife to prevent missing resources from small animals.
  • Map mark function now accepts space inputs.
  • Being infected with the plague no longer results in death; it only progresses to a state of near-death at most.
  • Adjusted the consumption speed of Bee-drawing Syrup; for every additional bee, the cost of Bee-drawing Syrup is reduced to two units.
  • Terrain obstruction checks added when placing bonfires to prevent getting stuck in rocks upon respawning.
  • Load no longer affects rolling speed and distance, as long as Max Load is not exceeded.
  • Improved connection stability in online rooms for a smoother multiplayer experience.
  • Rainforest Flint bosses (including those in mangroves), Claw bosses, and Fang Barracks bosses on the hill now guarantee deerskin as a drop.
  • Punching with bare hands can now inflict damage on trees.
  • Reduced the durability drop speed of weapons and gear.
  • Increased the crafting EXP earned for certain items.
  • Adjusted the materials required to craft a Water Bucket, replacing Copper Wire with Copper Ingots.
  • Fixed the issue where tribesmen would behave abnormally in water-related works in homes without a well.
  • Added the command “ResetOneFrontNpc” for solo play and friends mode to reset humanoid NPCs unintentionally trapped within walls back to their spawn locations.

Sound Effects Related

  • Fixed the issue where ambient sound effects might not trigger.
  • Fixed the issue where some players experienced a halt in background music upon entering the game.
  • Lowered the volume of sounds associated with enemy alerts and being spotted.
  • Lowered the volume of sounds associated with crafting and logging activities.

Keybinding Settings Related

  • Added a keybinding setting for “Press and hold to switch to other styles” to fix the conflict between the Construction mode and movement commands on French keyboards.
  • Added a keybinding setting for “Keep running”.
  • Added a keybinding setting for “Call mount to follow.”
  • Players can now press the subtract (-) key on the numeric keypad to open the game console.

Quests Related

  • Fixed the issue preventing completion of the Alpaca quest in specific scenarios.
  • Optimized quests that require placing various constructions; now, interacting with existing crafting tables suffices for quest completion, eliminating the need for placing multiple identical constructions within a guild.
  • Fixed the crafting quest for Beast Bone Weapons where weapons crafted by tribesmen did not contribute to quest completion.
  • Tutorial quests can now be skipped using the PageDown key.

Combat Related

  • Fixed the issue where certain skills (such as Dual-blade leap attacks) could pull the player back to the original position after execution.
  • Fixed the persistent spawning issue of NPC invaders.
  • Optimized the attack method of the Battering Ram, which can now deal damage to constructions above it.
  • Minimized the recovery period following most attack skills, facilitating easier cancellation through jumping, moving, weapon switching, defending, or other skill actions.
  • Reduced the hitching/stuttering frames to prevent movements from seeming unsmooth during periods of low server frame rate.

UI Related

  • The right-click menu will now automatically close after an action is performed.
  • When igniting facilities that require Fuel, a corresponding prompt message is now displayed.
  • Parrots are now configured by default to send alerts when constructions are being attacked.
  • Optimized the rules for tribesmen work assignment to prevent misunderstandings during certain operations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where killing monsters in solo mode and exiting the game immediately would cause abnormal monster movements upon re-entering the game.
  • Fixed the potential loss of AI for scout NPCs when a Bonfire is put away.
  • Fixed the issue of resources not respawning after a server crash.
  • Fixed the issue where using Bandages while mounted would not instantly update the status icon.
  • Fixed the issue with the Throwing Knife crafting recipe producing flying Spears instead.
  • Adjusted the frame rate limit settings (vertical sync is now off by default and is no longer dependent on whether the game is played in fullscreen).
  • Fixed the issue that prevented some players from joining tribes, with an error message indicating “cannot perform in cross server”.
  • Fixed the issue on ultra-wide screens where players were unable to pick up bags.
  • Fixed the collision issue with palm trees that would trap players.
  • Fixed the issue where tribesmen would enter battle status (pacing around frequently) for no reason.
  • Fixed the issue where backstabbing barbarians would not enter combat.
  • Fixed the abnormal flickering issue with fireflies.
  • Fixed the issue with bees exhibiting an abnormal growth speed.
  • Fixed the issue where adjustments to the quality multiplier for barbarians and animals had no effect.
  • Fixed the issue where Uncrafting Beast Bone Bows and Great Beast Bone Bows would yield Leather Rope.
  • Corrected the EXP gained from watering farmland.
  • Fixed the issue where some Bonfires would not increase the Comfort level.
  • Fixed the issue where crops planted at the edge of farmland were getting deleted.
  • Fixed the issue where tribesmen recruited during Barbarian Invasion would disappear after some time.
  • Fixed the repairability issue affecting some gear.
  • Entering a near-death state while climbing will now result in falling to the ground instead of remaining suspended in mid-air.

That covers the complete Soulmask hotfix 1 patch notes.

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