Stellar Blade: 7th Airborne Squad Mission Guide

Scarletrune |  Published: April 27, 2024

Find out how to complete the 7th Airborne Squad mission in Stellar Blade in this guide. We’ll explain everything you need to know!

The first mission in Stellar Blade, “7th Airborne Squad,” serves as a tutorial introducing players to the game’s core mechanics. This guide will walk you through the objectives, combat tips, and boss fight strategies to help you successfully complete the mission.

Stellar Blade 7th Airborne Squad Mission Guide

The primary goals of the 7th Airborne Squad mission in Stellar Blade are to:

  • Follow Tachy, your companion, to the designated rendezvous point.
  • Defeat the tutorial boss, Brute.

Step 1: Star Descent – Learning the Basics

7th Airborne Squad Mission Guide Step 1 - Tachy
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After the opening cutscene, you will take control of Eve, the protagonist of the game. Begin by following Tachy, who will guide you through the tutorial. Pay close attention to the on-screen instructions to learn the basic combat controls.

As you progress, you will encounter various enemy types, such as Thornheads and Beholders. Use this opportunity to practice your combat skills. Remember, timing is crucial when parrying enemy attacks. A well-timed parry will stun the enemy, making them vulnerable to counter-attacks.

Step 2: Sprinting and Avoiding Debris

7th Airborne Squad Mission Guide Step 2
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Once you’ve mastered the combat basics, Tachy will introduce you to sprinting. While following her, keep an eye out for glowing red circles on the ground. These marks will show you where debris will fall.

Step 3: Boss Fight – Brute

How to Defeat Brute Boss Stellar Blade
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After the sprinting sequence, you’ll face your first boss fight in Stellar Blade, Brute. This tutorial boss can be challenging for new players, but don’t worry – defeating Brute is optional. Even if you lose the fight, the story will progress.

Brute attacks with its massive, red ball-like hands. It has several attack patterns. Here is the breakdown of Brute’s attacks:

Slow BlowBrute moves one hand next to the other and slightly leans back. It’s a slow attack.
Fast AttackBrute leans its head a bit, indicating a faster attack from the first moving arm.
Belly AttackBrute lifts one arm to its belly, moves towards you, and attacks with that arm.
Spinning AttackBrute snarls while lifting one arm about its head, indicating a spinning attack that hits forward.
Double Spinning AttackSimilar to the spinning attack, but with two consecutive spins, with a possible third hit.
Forward Double Arm StrikeBrute’s head flashes yellow, signaling a forward strike with both arms.
Rapid Consecutive AttacksBrute’s head glows red, indicating multiple attacks in a row, usually five.

Use this fight as an opportunity to practice parrying in Stellar Blade.

If your health is running low, use a Potion to restore it. However, be mindful of the healing animation time, as you’ll be vulnerable to enemy attacks during this period.

By following this guide and mastering the basic mechanics introduced in the 7th Airborne Squad mission, you’ll be well-prepared for the challenges that await you in Stellar Blade. Good luck, and enjoy the game!