Stellar Blade Complete Character List and Voice Actor Cast

Kyuma |  Published: April 27, 2024

Discover all Stellar Blade characters along with their voice artists that bring Stellar Blade’s post-apocalyptic tale to life.

Stellar Blade, the highly anticipated action-adventure game from SHIFT UP Corporation, features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and roles in the story.

From the brave soldiers of the EVE Defense Force to the resilient citizens of Xion, these characters come to life through the exceptional performances of the game’s talented voice actors.

In this guide, we’ll provide a list of all the characters in Stellar Blade and introduce you to the voice actors who bring them to life in both the English and Korean dubs.

All Characters in Stellar Blade

All Characters in Stellar Blade
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Stellar Blade’s story revolves around the struggle to reclaim Earth from the Naytiba, an alien force that has driven humanity to the brink of extinction. Here are the key characters you’ll encounter in the game:

EVE Defense Force:

EVE Stellar Blade
Tachy Stellar Blade
Lily Stellar Blade
All Characters in Stellar Blade
  • EVE: The main protagonist, an elite soldier tasked with reclaiming Earth.
  • Tachy: The courageous leader of the 7th Airborne Squad.
  • Lily: An engineer from the 5th Airborne Squad who assists EVE in her mission.

Citizens of Xion:

Adam Stellar Blade
Orcal Stellar Blade
All Characters in Stellar Blade
  • Adam: A scavenger who gathers resources to help the surviving humans in Xion.
  • Orcal: The oracle revered by the citizens of Xion, who provides information on important Naytiba.

All Stellar Blade Voice Actors

All Stellar Blade Voice Actors
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The talented voice actors behind Stellar Blade’s characters bring depth and emotion to the game’s narrative. Here’s the list of voice actors for both the English and Korean dubs:

English Voice Cast:

  • Rebecca Hanssen as EVE
  • Rosie Jones as Lily
  • Nezar Alderazi as Adam
  • Alexandra Constantinidi as Tachy
  • Díana Bermudez as Raven
  • John Hopkins as Clyde
  • Meaghan Martin as Enya
  • Holly Earl as Kaya
  • Akie Kotabe as D1G-g2r
  • Tom Clarke Hill as Barry
  • Dev Joshi as Roxane
  • Georgina Jane as Mother Sphere
  • Andrew Wheildon-Dennis as Kasim
  • Laila Pyne as Rael/Quiel/Shael
  • George Weightman as Mann
  • Adam Sims as Su
  • Stephen Schreiber as Orcal

Korean Voice Cast:

  • Yoon Eun-seo as EVE
  • Jae-heon Jeong as Adam
  • TBA as Lily
  • TBA as Tachy

Please note that the Korean voice cast for some characters has not been revealed at the time of writing.

Stellar Blade’s character list and voice actor cast showcase the game’s commitment to delivering a rich, immersive narrative experience. Each character, brought to life by the exceptional performances of the voice actors, contributes to the game’s compelling story and the player’s emotional investment in the world of Stellar Blade.