Stellar Blade: Scavenger Adam Mission Guide

Scarletrune |  Published: April 27, 2024

Find out how to complete the Scavenger Adam mission in Stellar Blade in this guide. We’ll explain everything you need to know!

Scavenger Adam, the second main quest in Stellar Blade, takes players on an exhilarating journey through the ruins of Eidos 7. This in-depth guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough, revealing key locations, essential items, and strategies to overcome formidable foes.

Stellar Blade: Scavenger Adam Mission Guide

There are 9 locations that you will visit during the Scavenger Adam mission in Stellar Blade. We have compiled and summarized all the steps for you so that you can complete this mission easily.

Step 1: Silent Street

Scavenger Adam Mission Guide Stellar Blade
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The mission begins in Silent Street, where players must navigate through crumbling buildings and face off against Creepers and Cricket Slashers.

The first thing you need to do is to open the locked gate. You can find a body to investigate and it will give you the passcode to open the gate outside.

Silent Street Gateγθαγθα

As you explore Silent Street, you should keep an eye out for valuable resources and hidden secrets. Legion Supply Boxes can be found scattered throughout the area, containing items like Fusion Cells, Nano Elements, and Polymer Materials.

Step 2: Activating Legion Camps

Scavenger Adam Mission Guide Stellar Blade - legion camps
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Throughout the mission, you will come across Legion Camps. These serve as safe havens where you can rest and heal, upgrade your skills on the Skill Tree, and purchase items.

Activating a Legion Camp requires a currency called Vitcoin, which can be found by exploring the environment and defeating enemies.

After this, just follow Adam’s orders. Go through every nook and area of Silent Street, where you will find more Supply Boxes that are filled with valuable materials you can use later in the game.

Step 3: Mastering Combat Techniques

Stellar Blade Hydra
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As players progress, they’ll encounter new enemy types like Heavy Guardians and Hydras. Mastering the art of Perfect Parrying is crucial to breaking enemy balance and leaving them vulnerable to counter-attacks.

Using Beta Skills and Assault Attacks can also turn the tide of battle. Keep an eye out for explosive barrels, which can deal significant damage to multiple enemies at once.

You will also discover a Supply Box here that needs a passcode. You can find the passcode in Silent Street’s Pharmacy:

Silent Street Pharmacyβθακθγ

Step 4: Boss Fight – Abaddon

Stellar Blade Abaddon Boss Guide
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The first boss fight you will encounter in the Scavenger Adam mission is with Abaddon. This powerful boss has two long swords and boasts a variety of attacks, including a lighting-infused attack. Here is the breakdown of Abaddon’s attacks:

Double Slice ChargeAbaddon screams, runs toward you, performs a double slice with both swords, rolls, and then executes a blue move.
Regular Combo – Left HandA two-hit attack with Abaddon’s left hand, with the second hit following a small jump.
One-Two Combo – Left HandAbaddon hits both swords together, then executes a faster one-two combo with the same hand.
Electric Buff PhaseWhen Abaddon’s health drops below 60%, it gains an electric buff, initiating a new phase.
Lightning SummonAbaddon lifts both swords, summoning bolts of lightning from the sky. Circles on the ground indicate where they’ll strike.
Aerial Jump AttackAbaddon performs a big jump in the air, landing with a ground strike.
Slash ProjectileAbaddon launches a forward slash projectile, followed by four consecutive spark balls from its head.
Forward Double SliceAbaddon performs a double slice forward, jumps back, and then charges with a one-two attack.
Jump Back ComboA two-hit combo followed by a jump back and another one-two attack.
Enhanced Regular ComboSimilar to the regular combo in the first phase, but with an additional third blow.
Scavenger Adam Mission Guide Stellar Blade - Step 4.1
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To win the battle against Abaddon, you must master the Blink Skill, dodge lightning attacks, and exploit moments when Abaddon is vulnerable.

The rewards for defeating Abaddon are:

  • Extreme Polymer Materials
  • Extreme Nano Elements
  • Protection Gear
  • Beta Charge Gear
  • Weapon Core
  • Gold
  • EXP

Step 5: Explore the Parking Tower and Abandoned Station

Scavenger Adam Mission Guide Stellar Blade - Step 5
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After defeating Abaddon, you will need to go to the parking garage where you will discover:

  • Chain-Type Exospine
  • Fusion Cell x3
  • Body Core

Beyond the Parking Tower lies the Flooded Commercial Sector and an Abandoned Station. These are areas filled with submerged paths and hidden secrets. Dive deep to discover Memory Sticks and Beta Cores, which can enhance Eve’s abilities. You will need to open a locked gate with a passcode in the Abandoned Station.

Abandoned Stationδβμκδβ

After that, you will encounter a dead monorail. You will need to solve a puzzle to power up the monorail. Here is the correct code for it:  ③-⑧-◯-⑥-◯-①

Scavenger Adam Mission Guide Stellar Blade Monorail Puzzle
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Keep an eye out for more locked doors that require specific passcodes to open. Clues to these codes can often be found on fallen Legionnaires scattered throughout the environment.

Step 6: Boss Fight – Corrupter

Stellar Blade Corrupter Boss Fight
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The second major boss encounter is against the Corrupter, a ferocious four-legged beast capable of spewing acid and delivering devastating attacks.

Acid Projectile(s)Corrupter throws one or two acid balls as projectiles. Timing Perfect Dodge can evade them.
Blue Head StompCorrupter performs a head stomp in front of you. Use Blink to dash behind and stun it, but not when it emits blue light.
StampedeCorrupter can charge in a stampede. Dodge or parry it, unless it emits a yellow area before rushing.
Series of HeadbuttsCorrupter performs a series of headbutts, with a pause after the first and then two in a row.
Big Projectile ThrowCorrupter launches a large projectile that cannot be blocked, leaving a damaging green pool on the ground.
Multiple Projectile ShowerCorrupter releases a shower of multiple projectiles in a wide area. Can be blocked but difficult to dodge.
Quick Turn-aroundCorrupter quickly turns around before performing the projectile shower.
Scavenger Adam Mission Guide Stellar Blade Corruptor
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To defeat this monstrosity, players must perfect their dodging and parrying skills, particularly against the Corrupter’s projectile attacks. Blink can also be used to close the distance and stun the boss, creating openings for counter-attacks.

These are the rewards for defeating Corrupter in Stellar Blade:

  • Weapon Core
  • Shield Destruction Gear
  • Melee Protection Gear
  • Extreme Polymer Materials
  • Gold
  • EXP

Step 7: Navigating the Construction Zone

Scavenger Adam Mission Guide Stellar Blade - Step 7
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The Construction Zone presents a complex web of paths and objectives. To progress, players must locate a total of three Crane ID Cards scattered across various buildings and rooftops.

Along the way, expect to face off against Cricket Butchers, a new and aggressive enemy type. Mastering the timing of their red attacks is key to breaking their balance and emerging victorious.

Step 8: City Underground Sector

Scavenger Adam Mission Guide Stellar Blade - Step 8
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Deep within the City Underground Sector, players must solve a Floodgate Puzzle to progress. Locating the Floodgate Keys is the first step, with one key hidden underwater and another guarded by a statue.

Activating the floodgates in the correct sequence will raise the water level, granting access to previously unreachable areas. Keep an eye out for Drone Upgrade Modules and other valuable resources as you explore this damp labyrinth.

Step 9: Boss Fight – Gigas

Stellar Blade Gigas Boss Fight
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The climax of Scavenger Adam pits players against Gigas, a fearsome Alpha Naytiba. This titan employs a mix of close-quarters combat and ranged attacks, forcing players to adapt their strategies on the fly.

Here is the breakdown of Gigas’ attacks:

Rush followed by Blue AttackGigas rushes towards you, then performs a blue attack. Use Blink when your sword glows blue and you’re close to the enemy.
Yellow Jump AttackGigas executes a jump attack as one of its yellow moves. Can be dodged with Perfect Dodge or by dashing backward.
Earth-lifting Yellow AttackGigas lifts the earth around you as another yellow attack. Can be dodged with Perfect Dodge or by dashing to the right.
Left/Right PunchGigas punches with its left or right hand, each with a slow start.
Right Hand Punch with Backward JumpWhen attacking with the right hand, Gigas often jumps backward, gaining distance.
ProjectilesGigas occasionally throws big rocks as projectiles.
Four-Punch Combo with Jump AttackGigas throws four punches followed by a big jump attack. Parry the punches and dodge the jump attack.
Orange Phase VariationsIn its second phase, Gigas’s hands become orange, increasing damage. It gains new variations like explosive punches, a yellow jumping attack, and a two-hit combo ending with a blue move.
Stellar Blade Gigas Boss fight guide
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Perfect Parrying Gigas’ attacks are crucial to help breaking its balance and create openings for counter-attacks. When Gigas enters its second phase, marked by its hands turning orange, be prepared for increased damage and new attack patterns.

The rewards you will get for defeating Gigas are:

  • Extreme Nano Elements
  • Crit Boost Gear
  • Shield Enhancement Gear
  • Gold
  • EXP
  • Weapon Core
Scavenger Adam Mission Guide Stellar Blade - Step 10
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Completing Scavenger Adam mission in Stellar Blade will end with a cutscene where you meet another character called Lily, an Engineering Support from the 5th Airborne Squad. You will then continue your journey with both of them, Adam and Lily.

By following this Scavenger Adam mission guide and mastering the game’s complicated mechanics, you will be well-equipped to uncover the secrets of Eidos 7 and continue their journey in Xion, the Last Remaining City.

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