V Rising PS5 Release Date and Editions

ruekuma |  Published: May 21, 2024

V Rising is coming to PS5 soon! Check out details on the release date, early access, and various game editions in this article.

After doing well on PC, PS5 players can now play the vampire survival game V Rising as well. This article breaks down the V Rising PS5 release date, early access period, and the different game editions you can buy.

V Rising PS5 Release Date and Early Access

V Rising PS5
Stunlock Studios

V Rising is set to release on PlayStation 5 on June 11, 2024.

However, if you pre-order specific editions, you can gain early access to the game starting June 6, 2024 – a whole five days before the official launch!

V Rising Editions on PS5

On the PlayStation Store, three distinct editions of V Rising are available for pre-order:

Standard Edition ($39.99)

V Rising PS5 Standard Editions

This base version includes only the V Rising Base Game without any additional content or early access.

Legacy of Castlevania Edition ($59.99)

V Rising PS5 Legacy of Castlevania
  • V Rising Base Game
  • Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack
  • 5 Days Early Access starting June 6th

V Rising Complete Edition ($99.99)

V Rising PS5 Complete Edition
  • V Rising Base Game
  • Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack
  • Sinister Evolution Pack
  • Dracula’s Relics Pack
  • Eldest Bloodline Pack
  • 5 Days Early Access starting June 6th

PlayStation Plus Discount

V Rising PS5 Plus Edition

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can grab any of these editions at a 10% discounted price.

Castlevania Collaboration

V Rising Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack
Stunlock Studios

One of the highlights of V Rising’s PS5 release is its collaboration with the iconic Castlevania series.

In addition to cosmetic items inspired by the vampire-hunting franchise, players can face off against Simon Belmont himself – the original hero from Castlevania.

No Cross-Play or Mods on PS5

It’s important to note that V Rising on PS5 will not support cross-play with the PC version. Additionally, the PlayStation 5 edition will lack mod support, a feature that has greatly enriched the PC experience.

With the release date coming soon, PS5 players can look forward to building castles and becoming powerful Vampires in V Rising.

Stay tuned for new updates and check out these other guides below to complement your challenges in V Rising until the PS5 release.