What is DBNO in The First Descendant?

Suki |  Published: July 10, 2024

Learn what DBNO means in The First Descendants with our detailed guide. We will explain everything you need to know about this mechanic.

The First Descendant has introduced players to various unique terms and abbreviations. One such term that’s been causing confusion among newcomers is DBNO. This article aims to shed light on what DBNO means in The First Descendant and why it’s an important concept to understand.

What Does DBNO Mean in The First Descendant?

what does DBNO mean in The First Descendant

DBNO stands for “Down But Not Out.” It’s a state that players enter when their health and shields are completely depleted from taking damage.

In this state, players fall to the ground but aren’t immediately eliminated from the game. Instead, they can still crawl around, albeit at a very slow pace.

When in the DBNO state, a timer starts counting down. If this timer reaches zero before teammates can revive the downed player, they’ll be forced to respawn. This mechanic adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, especially during intense battles.

Why is DBNO Crucial in The First Descendant?

The DBNO state is particularly crucial in certain game modes, such as Void Intercepts.

  • In these modes, teams have a limited number of lives.
  • Once all lives are gone, it results in an automatic failure.
  • Therefore, it’s vital for players to keep an eye out for teammates who have entered the DBNO state and try to revive them quickly.

Use External Components to Modify DBNO State

what does DBNO mean in The First Descendant
Image Credits: GameWitted

Interestingly, The First Descendant offers ways to modify the DBNO state. Players can find external components with affixes that increase the duration of the DBNO state. This extended time can be a game-changer, particularly during challenging boss battles or events where every second counts.

While being in a DBNO state might seem disadvantageous, it actually provides a chance for recovery. It gives teammates an opportunity to turn the tide of battle by reviving fallen comrades.

However, it’s important to note that attempting to revive a downed player in an unsafe position can be risky and potentially lead to more casualties.


In conclusion, DBNO is more than just an acronym in The First Descendant. It’s a core gameplay mechanic that adds tension, excitement, and strategic depth to the game.

By understanding and effectively managing DBNO situations, you can significantly improve your chances of success in this new looter-shooter game.