Wuthering Waves: All Main Quests List

Scarletrune |  Published: May 25, 2024

This comprehensive guide outlines all the available main quests in Wuthering Waves version 1.0.

Wuthering Waves, the captivating action RPG from Kuro Games, has finally arrived, bringing with it a gripping story spread across multiple chapters and acts. As players embark on their journey through the game’s vivid world, understanding the main quest progression is key to staying on track. This comprehensive guide outlines all the main quests in Wuthering Waves version 1.0.

All Main Quests in Wuthering Waves

The main quests in Wuthering Waves for now are divided into two chapters, the Prologue Chapter and Chapter 1. Here is the full list and description of each main quest currently available in the game:

Prologue Chapter in Wuthering Waves

The Prologue Chapter serves as an introduction to Wuthering Waves’ core mechanics and features two acts:

Utterance of Marvels: I

Wuthering Waves Utterance of Marvels- I
Kuro Game Studio

Available from the start, this quest guides players through the basics of combat. Take your time with the tutorial to ensure a solid foundation.

Utterance of Marvels: II

Wuthering Waves Utterance of Marvels- II
Kuro Game Studio

Unlocked upon completing the previous quest. This act introduces Echoes, the game’s unique transformative abilities. Completing this quest rewards you with the 4-star Resonator Chixia.

Chapter 1 in Wuthering Waves

Chapter 1 is where the story truly unfolds, comprised of six acts:

First Resonance

Wuthering Waves First Resonance
Kuro Game Studio

Replacing Utterance of Marvels: II after arriving in Jinzhou, this quest has players explore the region extensively. Unlock any Resonance Beacons and Resonance Nexuses found along the way. Completing this act unlocks Convene, the game’s wishing system.

Echoing Marche

Wuthering Waves Echoing Marche
Kuro Game Studio

Beginning after leaving the Academy, Echoing Marche introduces the Set Time tutorial, allowing players to freely change the in-game time for the next two days. A side mission tasks you with using a Sensor to confirm patrol routes and find the Detection Beacon. Equip the Sensor from the Utility tab (Tab key on PC, T to use). This act also features a trial run with the limited 5-star Resonator Jinyan.

Ominous Star

Scar Wuthering Waves
Kuro Game Studio

Continuing directly from Echoing Marche, players will face off against Tacet Discord once more and encounter the enigmatic antagonist Scar. Completing this quest unlocks the Guidebook, granting access to Daily Activities, Milestones, Forgery Challenges, Path of Growth, and Echo Hunting.

Clashing Blades

Wuthering Waves Clashing Blades
Kuro Game Studio

Gated behind Union Level 14, which can be increased by completing quests, opening chests, consuming Waveplates, and engaging with overworld content.

Rewinding Raindrops

Wuthering Waves Rewinding Raindrops
Kuro Game Studio

Unlocked at Union Level 21. Progress further by completing the SOL3 Phase Ascension: Phase I Tutorial Quest.

Grand Warstorm

wuthering waves grand warstorm
Kuro Game Studio

The final act of Chapter 1, automatically begins after Rewinding Raindrops.

Navigating the Main Quests in Wuthering Waves

With version 1.0 of Wuthering Waves, players have a solid foundation of main quests to guide their progress and introduce them to the game’s myriad systems. From mastering the basics of combat in the Prologue Chapter to delving into the meat of the story in Chapter 1, each act brings new challenges and revelations.

Remember to take breaks from the main quest to explore the open world, gather resources, and strengthen your Resonators. Increasing your Union Level is key to unlocking later quests like Clashing Blades and Rewinding Raindrops.

As Wuthering Waves continues to evolve with future updates, expect more chapters and acts to be added, expanding the narrative and introducing fresh mechanics. For now, enjoy the engaging story version 1.0 has to offer, and prepare yourself for the battles ahead. Happy questing, Resonators!