Wuthering Waves Best Yinlin Build – Weapons, Echoes & Teams

Kyuma |  Published: June 06, 2024

Unleash Yinlin’s potential with this in-depth Wuthering Waves build guide. Best-in-slot weapons, echoes, teams & combos revealed.

Yinlin, the electrifying puppet master from Wuthering Waves, has charged onto the scene as one of the game’s most dynamic and versatile 5-star characters. Wielding the power of Electro and a unique marking mechanic, Yinlin excels at dealing consistent AoE damage both on and off the field.

This guide will break down everything you need to know about Yinlin, from her base stats and talents to her ideal weapons, echoes, team compositions, and more.

Yinlin Overview – Stats, Strengths & Weaknesses

Yinlin Wuthering Waves
Kuro Game Studio

Before getting into the builds, let’s first take a look at Yinlin’s base stats, abilities, and overall pros and cons.

Base Stats (Level 90):

  • HP: 11,000
  • ATK: 400
  • DEF: 1,283
  • CRIT Rate: 5%
  • CRIT DMG: 150%
  • Energy Regen: 100%

As an Electro DPS character, Yinlin’s stat spread emphasizes offensive attributes like ATK and CRIT DMG. Her ascension stat provides a solid CRIT Rate bonus, giving her a strong foundation for landing critical hits consistently.

Yinlin also brings a unique marking mechanic to the table with her Sinner’s Mark and Punishment Mark. Tagging enemies with these marks and then consuming them for bonus effects is central to Yinlin’s gameplay and damage potential.


  • Excels at steadily dealing high Electro AoE DMG
  • Sinner’s Mark and Punishment Mark mechanic offers strong damage amplification
  • Can function as either an on-field DPS or off-field Sub DPS
  • Forte Circuit allows her to deal damage even while off-field
  • Outro Skill provides strong team buffs, particularly for Electro characters


  • Damage output is heavily reliant on managing marks effectively
  • Needs some field time to build up and consume marks optimally
  • While she can work as a main DPS, her personal damage ceiling is lower than top tier hypercarries
  • Limited to Electro-focused teams if you want to fully capitalize on her Outro Skill

Overall, Yinlin is an incredibly well-rounded character, offering immense flexibility in her potential roles and team building thanks to her off-field damage.

Wuthering Waves Yinlin Best Weapons

Yinlin's Skills and Abilities
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Yinlin’s choice of Rectifier heavily influences her effectiveness, so choosing the right weapon is crucial. Here are her top picks, from her 6-star signature to strong 3-star options.

5-Star Options4-Star Option3-Star Alternative
Jinzhou Keeper
Jinzhou Keeper (Free Option)
Rectifier of Night
Rectifier of Night
Cosmic Ripples
Cosmic Ripples
Wuthering Waves Yinlin Best Weapons

5-Star Options

1. Stringmaster
Stringmaster is Yinlin’s undisputed BiS weapon for a reason. In addition to a whopping 18.3% CRIT Rate substat, Stringmaster also offers a 12% DMG Bonus to all her Resonance skills.

Additionally, upon dealing Resonance Skill DMG, Yinlin gains a 12% ATK buff (up to 2 stacks). Even when Yinlin is off-field, she still retains an additional 12% ATK, synergizing beautifully with her Forte Circuit damage.

2. Cosmic Ripples
Boasting a substantial 12.8% Energy Regen substat, Cosmic Ripples is a strong pick to help fuel Yinlin’s high Resonance Liberation cost. Hitting opponents with Basic Attacks also grants Yinlin a stacking 3.2% Basic ATK DMG Bonus up to 5 times, providing a nice boost to her sustained DPS.

3. Augment
Augment’s respectable 80 Base ATK and 16.4% CRIT Rate substat make it another solid choice. After using Resonance Liberation, Yinlin also gains a teamwide 15% ATK buff for 15s, further bolstering her personal damage and offering some team utility.

4. Jinzhou Keeper (Free Option)
For Rovers who don’t have access to Stringmaster or other 5-star Rectifiers, Jinzhou Keeper is a fantastic welfare option obtainable from a world quest in Mingyun Village. Its high 152 Base ATK at Level 90 paired with a 21.2% ATK substat make it a very respectable stat stick.

The Jinzhou Keeper’s effect is also quite potent, increasing Yinlin’s ATK by 8% and HP by 10% for 15s after using her Intro Skill. The extra HP is especially valuable for keeping Yinlin topped up.

5. Rectifier of Night
For players on a tight budget, the Rectifier of Night is a serviceable filler until you can secure a stronger weapon. While its base stats are lackluster, its effect does grant Yinlin an 8% ATK buff for 10s after using her Intro Skill, which can add up over time.

Yinlin Best Sonata & Main Echo


Equipping Yinlin with the right Sonata and Echoes is essential to maximizing her damage output. Her ideal sets focus on boosting her Electro DMG, Resonance skills, and overall offensive stats.

1. (5) Void Thunder & Thundering Mephis as the main echo
2. (5) Lingering Tunes + Impermanence Heron as the main echo

  • Cost 4: CRIT DMG / CRIT Rate
  • Cost 3: Electro DMG / Energy Regen
  • Cost 1: ATK%

Substat Priority

  1. CRIT Rate
  3. ATK%
  4. Energy Regen
  5. Resonance Skill DMG Bonus
  6. Flat ATK

In general, Yinlin’s most valuable offensive substats are the usual suspects for DPS characters: CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG and ATK%. Resonance Skill DMG Bonus and Energy Recharge are nice to have, while Flat ATK is the lowest priority.

Echoes featuring double or even triple CRIT substats are the cream of the crop for min-maxing Yinlin’s damage potential.

Yinlin’s Best Team Comps

Thanks to her strong off-field capabilities and flexible Outro Skill, Yinlin can thrive in various team compositions. Here are some of her most potent pairings:

1. Electro Supremacy

Yinlin wutering wavesCalcharo Wuthering WavesAl Characters List Wuthering Waves

2. Ruthless Rectifiers

Yinlin wutering wavesRover (Female) Wuthering WavesBaizhi Wuthering Waves

3. Mark Massacre

Yinlin wutering wavesMortefi Wuthering WavesJianxin Wuthering Waves

Yinlin’s Skill Priority & Progression

Wuthering Waves Yinlin Build

To get the most out of Yinlin’s kit, focus on upgrading her Skills in the following order:

Forte Priority:

  1. Resonance Skill
  2. Resonance Liberation
  3. Forte Circuit
  4. Basic Attack
  5. Intro Skill

Resonance Chain:

  1. S4 (Unyielding Verdict)
  2. S2 (Ensnarled by Rapport)
  3. S3 (Conviction of Hope)
  4. S6 (Vindictive Condemnation)
  5. S1 (Morality’s Crossroads)
  6. S5 (Resounding Will)

Yinlin’s Resonance Skill is her bread-and-butter ability that she wants to spam as much as possible. Prioritize upgrading it first to maximize her mark generation and damage potential.

Resonance Liberation should be next, as landing this Skill on marked targets is crucial for proccing Yinlin’s Forte Circuit and Punishment Mark effects. The added AoE and damage amp is also very welcome.

While not used quite as frequently, leveling Yinlin’s Forte Circuit boosts the damage of the Judgment Strikes triggered from her Punishment Marks, making it a solid third choice.

Her Basic Attack string has some nice modifiers, particularly when enhanced by Echoes, but its lower cast frequency and reliance on Concerto Energy make it a slightly lower priority than her main Skills.

Lastly, level Yinlin’s Intro Skill for a bit of extra AoE damage and mark generation upon swapping her in.

How to Play Yinlin: Rotation & Combo Guide


Yinlin’s playstyle revolves around managing her unique Sinner’s Mark/Punishment Mark mechanic by following these general steps:

  1. Apply Sinner’s Marks to enemies via Basic Attacks, Resonance Liberation and Intro Skill
  2. Build Judgment Points by using Basic Attacks and Resonance Skills
  3. Once at 100 Judgment Points, use Forte Circuit to convert Sinner’s Marks to Punishment Marks
  4. Position marked enemies and use Resonance Skill/Liberation to trigger Judgment Strikes
  5. Swap to other characters while Judgment Strikes hit marked targets for 18s
  6. Reapply Sinner’s Marks once Punishment Marks expire and repeat

Yinlin Ascension & Forte Materials

Here’s a full list of the materials needed to ascend Yinlin to Level 90 and maximize her Forte:

Ascension Materials:

  • Whisperin Core: 36
    • LF: 4
    • MF: 12
    • HF: 12
    • FF: 8
  • Group Abomination Tacet Core: 30
  • Dream Less Feather: 7
  • Coriolus: 40
  • Shell Credit: 90,000

Forte Materials:

  • Whisperin Core: 54
    • LF: 6
    • MF: 18
    • HF: 18
    • FF: 12
  • Helix: 25
    • Lento: 5
    • Adagio: 10
    • Andante: 25
    • Presto: 20
  • Dream Less Feather: 15
  • Shell Credit: 337,500

Whisperin Cores are Yinlin’s primary ascension material, dropped by most elite/boss Whisperin enemies. Group Abomination Tacet Cores come from the open-world boss of the same name, while Dream Less Feathers are obtainable from the weekly Dreamless boss.

Coriolus are a local specialty mushroom found throughout Mingyun Village and the Thunderspine area, so stock up on these early. Lastly, Shell Credits can be acquired through various means, such as quest rewards and event prizes.

As for Forte upgrades, Helixes of differing qualities are earned from the Forgery by using Harmonic Tune items, with higher grades dropping from more difficult stages