Wuthering Waves: Jianxin Best Build, Weapons, Echoes & Teams

Scarletrune |  Published: May 26, 2024

This is the definitive guide to building the strongest Jianxin in Wuthering Waves – optimized weapons, echoes, and team comps.

Jianxin, the powerful 5-star Aero gauntlet wielder in Wuthering Waves, is a formidable force on the battlefield. Hailing from Huanglong and trained in the ancient martial art of Fengyiquan, Jianxin brings a unique blend of damage, shielding, healing, and crowd control to any team.

Mastering her kit is key to unlocking her full potential. This guide breaks down the best weapons, echoes, and team compositions to create the optimal Jianxin build.

Wuthering Waves Jianxin Best Build

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look into the best weapons, echoes, and team compositions to unleash Jianxin’s full potential. When equipped and built properly, she can be a powerful Aero damage in a variety of team compositions.

Jianxin Character Overview

Jianxin's Character Overview
Kuro Games

Jianxin is a well-rounded Resonator excelling in the sub-DPS role while also providing invaluable support capabilities. Her key strengths include:

  • Resonance Liberation excellent for grouping enemies
  • Becomes quite tanky with Forte Circuit active
  • Resonance Skill can negate incoming attacks
  • All abilities scale with ATK, boosting damage, shielding and healing

However, Jianxin’s base ATK is on the lower end for a 5-star character, and she lacks an innate Aero DMG bonus. Building her correctly is crucial for maximizing her performance.

Jianxin’s Best Weapons in Wuthering Waves

To pull out Jianxin’s full potential, equipping her with the right weapon is crucial. The top weapon choices for Jianxin are:

Abyss SurgesAbyss SurgesGreatly increases Energy Regen.
MarcatoMarcatoRestores Energy after using Resonance Skill every 20s.
StonardStonardIncreases user’s Resonance Liberation DMG by 18% for 15s.
Guardian GauntletsGuardian GauntletsRaises Resonance Liberation DMG by 12%.

Jianxin’s best-in-slot 5-star weapon is Abyss Surges. It provides a perfect mix of ATK, critical stats, and a potent ability that boosts both Basic Attack and Resonance Skill damage while greatly increasing Energy Regen.

For F2P players, the 3-star Gauntlets of Night and Guardian Gauntlets are serviceable options.

Jianxin’s Best Echoes in Wuthering Waves

To maximize Jianxin’s damage, you need to select the best echo set for her. These are the best echoes for Jianxin:

Echo SetImage
Sierra GaleSierra Gale
Lingering TunesLingering Tunes
Echo AbilityImage
Feilian BeringalFeilian Beringal

The premier Echo set for Jianxin is 5pc Sierra Gale, granting a huge 30% Aero DMG boost for 15s after using Intro Skill. Pairing this with the Feilian Beringal Echo ability further amps up Jianxin’s Aero damage.

For sub-stats, focus on Energy Regen, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, and ATK% in that order. If a full 5pc Sierra Gale isn’t available, 2pc Sierra Gale + 2pc Lingering Tunes is a solid substitute, balancing Aero and ATK buffs until a 5-star set is obtained.

Jianxin’s Best Team Comps in Wuthering Waves

While Jianxin can work in many teams, here are her most effective team compositions:

Jianxin’s Best Team Composition
Jianxin Wuthering WavesCalcharo Wuthering WavesYangyang Wuthering Waves

Jianxin truly shines when enabling a main DPS that relies heavily on Resonance Liberation damage like Calcharo. Her Resonance Liberation pulls enemies together while her Outro Skill amps the next character’s Resonance Liberation DMG.

Yangyang is the perfect support pick here, generating extra Resonance Energy with her own Outro Skill to fuel more frequent Resonance Liberations.

While Calcharo is the premier Jianxin partner, any Resonator that relies on Resonance Liberation damage can benefit from her Outro ATK buff and grouping capability. Experiment with different main DPS options to find a combo that clicks.

Wuthering Waves FAQs

  • What are Jianxin’s best weapons in Wuthering Waves?
    • Abyss Surges, Marcato, Stonard, and Guardian Gauntlets.
  • What are Jianxin’s best Echo set and Echo Ability in Wuthering Waves?
    • Sierra Gale, Lingerin Tunes, and Feilian Beringal.
  • What are the best team compositions for Jianxin in Wuthering Waves?
    • Jianxin, Calcharo, and Yangyang.

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