How to Get Microcosm Exotic Trace Rifle in Destiny 2 Final Shape

Kyuma |  Published: June 06, 2024

Get the new Microcosm exotic Trace rifle in Destiny 2: Final Shape. This guide details the quests and objectives required to acquire this unique weapon.

The Microcosm is the first ever heavy Trace rifle introduced in Destiny 2 with the Final Shape expansion. This kinetic weapon is unique as it provides both light and dark energy for Transcendence. Acquiring the Microcosm requires completing a series of quests and objectives. This guide details the steps needed to obtain this powerful exotic weapon.

How to Get Microcosm Exotic Trace Rifle in Destiny 2

Completing the Destined Heroes Quest

How to Get Ergo Sum in Destiny 2?
Image Credits: Bungie

To begin the quest for the Microcosm, players must first complete the Final Shape campaign. After claiming the campaign rewards, an exotic quest called Destined Heroes becomes available. This quest eventually leads to the Ergo Sum exotic sword, but the initial steps are necessary for unlocking the Microcosm quest.

The first objective in Destined Heroes is to complete the Queen’s Part One mission. Upon completion, interact with the Micah’s Conduit hologram to acquire the Convalescence Rootbound quest. At this point, Destined Heroes will continue but the focus shifts to the Convalescence questline.

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The Convalescence Questline

The Convalescence Questline Destiny 2
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The Convalescence questline has several parts that must be completed in order:

  1. Rootbound: Find a lost ghost in the Forgotten Deep lost sector on the Pale Heart destination. The ghost is located on a ledge and does not require defeating the lost sector boss. Return to the Lost City social space and interact with the ghost, then Micah’s Conduit to receive a red border shotgun and the next quest step.
  2. Underbrush: Open chests in the Pale Heart destination to acquire two Traveler’s Blessings. Equip the blessings using the Pale Heart destination map submenu. Fast travel to the Lost City social space to update the quest and interact with another ghost. Return to Micah’s Conduit for a red border machine gun and the next quest.
  3. Greenery: Complete Overthrow activities and open the reward chests in the Landing area of the Pale Heart destination. Look for glowing Hive turrets and public event symbols to find the Overthrow objectives. Fill the progress bar by completing objectives and opening chests to update the quest.
  4. Sword Dense Cyst: Follow the quest marker and light birds to navigate a cave. Inside, defeat enemies and solve a rune puzzle to open a blocked doorway. Proceed through the cave, using Hive swords to break barriers and defeat shielded enemies and crystals. In the final area, defeat three Hive bosses. Interact with the wounded ghost to complete this step.

Return to the Lost City social space and interact with the ghost and Micah’s Conduit once more. This awards a red border sniper rifle and unlocks the Microcosm exotic quest.

How to Complete The Microcosm Exotic Quest

How to Complete The Microcosm Exotic Quest
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The Microcosm exotic quest has three steps that involve completing the Ascent, Descent, and Ionaclasm campaign missions in Cooperative Focus mode. These missions have a recommended power level of 2005 but can be completed while under-leveled. Cooperative Focus mode introduces new modifiers and mechanics not present in the normal or Legendary campaign difficulty.

Some recommended weapons for these missions include:

  • Supremacy sniper rifle for dealing with Tormentors and bosses at range
  • Red Death pulse rifle from the season pass for healing
  • Edge Transit for DPS
  • Blast Furnace pulse rifle with Kinetic Tremors perk
  • Indebted Kindness or other rocket sidearms
  • Dragon’s Breath rocket launcher for damaging bosses safely

After completing all three missions, return to Micah’s Conduit in the Lost City social space to claim the Microcosm exotic Trace rifle.