How to Defeat Foul Shadowhunter in Once Human

Scarletrune |  Published: July 11, 2024

In this guide, you will learn strategies on how to defeat Foul Shadowhunter in Once Human, including its attacks and weak points.

In the post-apocalyptic world of Once Human, you will face many challenges, including the Foul Shadowhunter, the game’s first Great One boss. This guide offers insights on locating, preparing for, and defeating the Foul Shadowhunter, helping you gear up for this tough battle.

How to Defeat Foul Shadowhunter in Once Human

Foul Shadowhunter Once Human
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To face the Foul Shadowhunter, you must first head to The Monolith of Greed, located in the northwest of the Dayton Wetlands.

When you finally find the Foul Shadowhunter, you must be prepared and learn its moveset. Here is a list of its moves including their description:

Left Arm Melee AttackEquipped with a sharp claw that slashes and kills nearby targets.
Right Arm Ranged AttackCan switch between weapons it has swallowed, including gatling heavy machine guns, heavy sniper rifles, and bazookas.
Glue SpraySprays glue from its head, causing damage and slowing your movement.
Fire CoverageAims its bazooka at the sky and shoots multiple tracking missiles at you.
Jumping RaidSpeeds up, jumps, and slams its claw into the ground, causing area damage.
Phase MovementFlashes to the back of the scene, becoming invincible during this period.
SummonReleases aberrations from its body to attack.

During the defense stage, watch out for glue spots on the ground and concentrate on finding and destroying the spawn pods scattered around the battle area.

If any enemies appear, prioritize killing them and their spawn pods. Once all threats are eliminated, the Foul Shadowhunter will return, initiating another damage stage.

Once its health is significantly reduced, the Foul Shadowhunter will focus its fire on you using a Gattling Gun, which can overheat. Take cover behind the numerous obstacles in the arena and wait for the boss to drop its weapon.

Weapon to Defeat Foul Shadowhunter in Once Human

Foul Shadowhunter in Once Human guide
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When selecting weapons, prioritize those that can deal high damage quickly, as both the damage and defense stages are brief. Shotguns and rifles are excellent choices for this close-range fight, while long-range weapons may prove less effective in the compact arena.

Also, as informed above, when the Foul Shadowhunter’s Gattling Gun falls down, seize this opportunity to pick up the gun and unload it into the boss. Keep on targeting its head, which is its weak point.

By understanding Foul Shadowhunter’s moveset and using the right weapons while in a battle with the monster, you will be able to defeat this strong Great One boss in Once Human and continue your journey.

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