How to Get More Families in Manor Lords

Kyuma |  Published: April 27, 2024

Discover how to get more families in Manor Lords with this guide on increasing approval and building homes.

In Manor Lords an increasing population is essential for the success and growth of your village. More families mean more workers to gather resources, craft goods, and defend your settlement. However, attracting new villagers and families to your town requires careful planning and management.

This guide will walk you through the key factors that influence population growth in Manor Lords and provide tips on how to increase your village’s population.

Understanding Population Mechanics in Manor Lords

Population Mechanics in Manor Lords
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Manor Lords’ population consists of two main elements: families and family members. Families occupy production buildings, such as hunting lodges, sawmills, and farms, and can create their own stalls to distribute goods at the marketplace. Family members represent the actual population number and potential soldiers for your militia.

Population growth in Manor Lords is determined by two primary factors:

  1. Approval Rating: Your village’s overall happiness and satisfaction.
  2. Available Burgage Plots: The houses that your subjects live in.

Approval Rating and Population Growth

Establish a Central Marketplace in Manor Lords
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Your village’s approval rating directly impacts the rate at which new families and family members join your settlement. Here’s how approval percentages translate to population growth:

  • 100-75%: High approval, resulting in two new families per month.
  • 74-50%: Neutral approval, resulting in one new family per month.
  • 49-25%: Low approval, resulting in no population growth.
  • 24-0%: Low approval, resulting in negative population growth (families leaving).

To maintain a high approval rating, focus on providing a variety of goods in your marketplace, such as diverse food options and clothing. Building a church and tavern (supplied with ale) will also significantly boost your subjects’ happiness.

Building and Upgrading Burgage Plots

Building and Upgrading Burgage Plots is important to get more families in Manor Lords
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Even with a high approval rating, new families will only join your village if there are available homes for them to move into. To accommodate population growth, you’ll need to construct new burgage plots and upgrade existing ones to higher levels.

Keep in mind that certain buildings, like the Manor and Church, also provide living spaces for families. Consider this when planning your town’s layout and deciding how many burgage plots to build.

Tips for Getting More Families in Manor Lords

  1. Prioritize Food Variety: Offer a range of food options at your marketplace, such as meat from hunting, berries from foraging, and produce from chicken coops and vegetable gardens.
  2. Invest in Clothing Production: Establish a tannery to turn hides into leather, and build a cobbler’s shop to craft shoes. This will provide two easily accessible clothing types for your villagers.
  3. Staff Your Granary and Storehouse: Assign families to your granary and storehouse to ensure they set up market stalls offering all available goods.
  4. Upgrade Burgage Plots: As your village grows, upgrade your burgage plots to higher levels to accommodate more families and increase the maximum population capacity.
  5. Monitor Your Resources: Regularly check your marketplace and storage buildings to ensure you have sufficient food and fuel to support your growing population.

Growing your village’s population in Manor Lords requires a balance of maintaining high approval ratings and constructing ample housing for new families. By focusing on providing diverse goods, upgrading your burgage plots, and monitoring your resources, you’ll create an attractive and thriving settlement that will draw in new villagers.