How to Unlock Rover Havoc in Wuthering Waves: Build Explained

Scarletrune |  Published: May 26, 2024

In this article, you will discover how to unlock Rover Havoc form in Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves, the captivating action RPG from Kuro Games, allows players to embark on a thrilling journey as Rover, a character with evolving abilities. As the story unfolds, Rover gains access to the Havoc form, a darker and more powerful version of themselves. This guide explores how to unlock Rover Havoc, the requirements, and what this transformation brings to the table.

How to Unlock Rover Havoc in Wuthering Waves

How to Unlock Rover Havoc in Wuthering Waves
Kuro Game Studio

Rover Havoc form becomes available in Wuthering Waves during the Grand Warstorm main quest. To access this quest, you must first reach Union Level 21.

After visiting the abandoned research lab, speak with Aalto at the entrance to start the quest. Be prepared for a lengthy and challenging mission for this. The quest features four formidable boss battles, with Rover Havoc making a grand entrance during the final encounter.

Wuthering Waves Boss Fight – The Dreamless

Wuthering Waves Boss Fight - The Dreamless
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Before Rover can fully embrace the Havoc form, you must first survive a battle against the Dreamless. This fight serves as a prelude to Jiyan rejoining the team. Although the bosses in Grand Warstorm are level 50, you need not worry, as the game provides trial characters to help in combat.

Rover Havoc Abilities and Playstyle

Rover Havoc Abilities and Playstyle
Kuro Game Studio

One of the advantages of Havoc Rover is the ability to use the same weapon used in their base form. This consistency allows you to maintain your preferred playstyle while harnessing the newfound powers of Havoc. Moreover, unlocking Rover Havoc opens up a new realm of possibilities in combat.

Basic Attack: TuneslayerPerforms up to 5 consecutive attacks.
Heavy AttackConsumes Stamina, dealing Havoc damage.
Mid-air AttackConsumes Stamina to cast a Mid-Air Plunging Attack.
Dodge CounterUses Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to attack the target.
Resonance SkillDescription
WingbladeTransforms sound into feather

Wingblade, Rover Havoc’s Resonance Skill, transforms sound into feathers that deal Havoc DMG. When in the Dark Surge state, Wingblade is replaced by Lifetaker, which summons blades to attack enemies.

Resonance LiberationDescription
Deadening AbyssGather the echoes between Rover’s palms to attack a target.

Deadening Abyss gathers echoes between Rover’s palms, unleashing a devastating attack that deals substantial Havoc DMG to a single target. This skill has a 16-second cooldown and consumes 125 Resonance Energy.

In short, unlocking Rover Havoc in Wuthering Waves is a significant milestone that opens up new avenues for character growth and combat strategies. The increased damage output and unique mechanics make Havoc Rover a valuable addition to any player’s roster!