Wuthering Waves Dreamless Boss Location and How to Beat

Kyuma |  Published: May 25, 2024

Defeat Dreamless Echo Boss in Wuthering Waves with our in-depth guide, covering skills, locations, boss strategies, and more.

Dreamless, the formidable 4-Cost Calamity Echo Boss in Wuthering Waves, is a sought-after addition to any player’s arsenal. In this guide, we’ll delve into the details of Dreamless, providing you with the knowledge and strategies needed to acquire and master this powerful Echo.

Dreamless Overview

Echo SkillTransform into Dreamless to continuously attack enemies and deal Havoc DMG. This Echo Skill deals more damage after Rover-Havoc casts their Resonance Liberation.
Sun-sinking Eclipse
Sonata Effects
(Sun-sinking Eclipse)
2 set: Havoc DMG +10%.
5 set: Havoc DMG +7.5% after releasing Basic Attack or Heavy Attack. This effect stacks up to 4 times, each stack lasts 15s.
Dreamless Overview

How to Get to Dreamless in Wuthering Waves?

Dreamless Location Wuthering Waves
Image Credits: GameWitted

Players can obtain Dreamless by defeating it at Tacet Fields or in weekly events. These battles are challenging, so players should ensure they are well-prepared before engaging the boss. Dreamless is also fought as the final boss of Chapter 1 and will be available as part of the Weekly Challenges afterward.

The Statue of the Crownless: Heart, where Dreamless is located, is accessible after clearing Chapter 1 and gaining access to the Norfall Barrens area.

How to Defeat Dreamless in Wuthering Waves

How to Defeat Dreamless in Wuthering Waves
Image Credits: GameWitted
Attack NameDescription
Teleport SlashDreamless teleports towards the player and performs a slash attack with its wing.
Parryable RotationDreamless takes a small pause and rotates through the player. This attack can be parried.
Scythe AttackSummons a Scythe and attacks with it
Wing StompDreamless flies slightly higher than normal and stomps the ground with its wings one by one in a circular form.
Arm SlashesDreamless charges and performs slashes with both arms consecutively.
ShockwaveDreamless raises one hand, charges itself, and sends a shockwave around it.
How to Defeat Dreamless in Wuthering Waves

To defeat Dreamless, players should be aware of its teleportation and wing slash attacks. When Dreamless takes a small pause and rotates through the player, prepare to parry the attack.

Stay alert for the wing stomp and arm slashes, and keep a safe distance when Dreamless charges up for the shockwave attack. Adapt to the boss’s moveset and exploit openings to emerge victorious.

Note: The skills of Dreamless can be different based on the level and if you are completing the story mode. Also, there might be other abilities as well but these were the ones we noticed while clearing the round.

Dreamless Rewards: TBD

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