Wuthering Waves Bell-Borne Geochelone Boss Location & How to Beat

Kyuma |  Published: May 24, 2024

Learn the location and strategies to defeat Bell-Borne Geochelone in Wuthering Waves and obtain its powerful Echo and rewards.

Wuthering Waves players aiming to acquire the powerful Bell-Borne Geochelone Echo can find every required information in this guide. Bell-Borne Geochelone is a 4-Cost Calamity Echo that grants the equipped character enhanced protection and damage-dealing capabilities.

Bell-Borne Geochelone Overview and Sonata Effects

Bell-Borne GeocheloneBell-Borne Geochelone
Echo SkillActivate the protection of Bell-Borne Geochelone. Deal Glacio DMG based on 118.56% of the current character’s DEF to nearby enemies, and obtain a Bell-Borne Shield that lasts for 15s. The Bell-Borne Shield provides 50.00% DMG Reduction and 10.0% DMG Boost for the current team members, and disappears after the current character is hit for 3 times. CD: 20s
Sonata Effects (Rejuvenating Glow set bonuses)2-set: Healing Bonus +10%
5-set: Increases the ATK of all party members by 15% for 30s upon healing allies
Sonata Effects (Moonlit Clouds set bonuses)2-set: Energy Regen +10%
5-set: After using Outro Skill, increases the ATK of the next Resonator by 22.5% for 15
Bell-Borne Geochelone Overview and Sonata Effects

How to Get to Bell-Borne Geochelone Boss in Wuthering Waves

Bell-Borne Geochelone Location Wuthering Waves
Image Credits: GameWitted

To obtain Bell-Borne Geochelone, players must defeat it in a Tacet Field or during weekly events. These encounters are challenging, so proper preparation is essential.

Bell-Borne Geochelone boss can be found in the Tolling Stream northwest of Huanglong, around the Gorges of Spirits resonance beacon. The boss is located at the center of the stream and is easily recognizable by the bell on its back.

How to Beat Bell-Borne Geochelone and Possible Rewards

How to Beat Bell-Borne Geochelone and Possible Rewards
Image Credits: GameWitted

When battling Bell-Borne Geochelone, players should focus on breaking its vulnerable parts, such as the head and bell, to significantly reduce its Vibration Strength.

Be cautious of frontal attacks and look for openings to unleash skills effectively. Additionally, players must avoid falling icicles by moving away from the circles on the ground or dodging them to minimize damage taken.

It’s crucial to note that Bell-Borne Geochelone has increased resistance to Glacio DMG, so players should refrain from using characters that primarily deal Glacio DMG when facing this boss.

Defeating Bell-Borne Geochelone for the first time rewards players with:

  • Union EXP x500
  • Astrite x20
  • Advanced Resonance Potion x1
  • Advanced Energy Core x1
  • Shell Credit x20,000

Also obtainable:

  • Union EXP x450
  • Monument Bell
  • Medium Resonance Potion
  • Medium Energy Core
  • Medium Sealed Tube
  • Intimacy
  • Shell Credits

By following this guide and understanding the Echo’s skills, location, and potential bonuses, Wuthering Waves players can effectively hunt down and utilize the Bell-Borne Geochelone Echo to enhance their gameplay experience.

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