Wuthering Waves Mourning Aix Boss Location and How to Beat

Kyuma |  Published: May 25, 2024

Learn how to get the Mourning Aix in Wuthering Waves, locate the boss, and beat it with this guide.

Mourning Aix is an Overlord Echo in Wuthering Waves. This 4-Cost Echo transforms the character into Mourning Aix to attack enemies with Spectro damage. It also increases the current character’s Spectro DMG and Resonance Liberation DMG.

Mourning Aix Overview

Mourning AixMourning Aix
Echo SkillTransform into Mourning Aix to continuously attack enemies, dealing Spectro damage. Increase the current character’s Spectro DMG and Resonance Liberation DMG

Detailed Echo Skill: Transform into Mourning Aix and perform 2 consecutive claw attacks, each attack dealing 113.16% and 169.74% Spectro DMG respectively. After the transformation, increase the current character’s Spectro DMG by 12.00% and Resonance Liberation DMG by 12.00% for 15s. CD: 20s
Celestial Light
Sonata Effects
(Celestial Light)
2 set: Spectro DMG +10%
5 set: Spectro DMG +30% for 15s after releasing Intro Skill.
Mourning Aix Overview Wuthering Waves

How to Get to Mourning Aix in Wuthering Waves?

Mourning Aix Lamenting Shadow Boss Location Wuthering Waves
Image Credits: GameWitted

Mourning Aix can be obtained by defeating one at a Tacet Fields or in weekly events. These are tough enemies, so be prepared before attempting to defeat them.

Mourning Aix is located near the southernmost point of Huanglong near the Fallen Grave in Whining Aix’s Mire. To reach the beacon and the boss, the storm must be avoided.

How to Beat Mourning Aix and Rewards

Mourning Aix Rewards Wuthering Waves
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When battling Mourning Aix, it is important to avoid staying directly in front of it. Most of its attacks are forward-facing and cover a small area. Maintain aggression by weaving attacks and dodges while continuously strafing to either side.

Remember that Mourning Aix is resistant to Spectro DMG and hence it is wise to choose some other elemental DPS.

First Clear Bonus:

  • Union EXP x500
  • Astrite x20
  • Advanced Resonance Potion x1
  • Advanced Energy Core x1
  • Shell Credit x20,000

Probability of Obtaining:

  • Union EXP x450
  • Elegy Tacet Core
  • Medium Resonance Potion
  • Medium Energy Core
  • Medium Sealed Tube
  • Intimacy
  • Shell Credits

With the right strategy and preparation, Mourning Aix can be defeated to obtain its powerful Echo and valuable rewards.

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