Wuthering Waves Inferno Rider Boss Location and How to Beat

Kyuma |  Published: May 25, 2024

Learn how to obtain the powerful Inferno Rider Echo in Wuthering Waves, locate the boss, and defeat it using this in-depth guide.

In the world of Wuthering Waves, players have the opportunity to acquire various echoes after defeating them. One such powerful echo boss is Inferno Rider Boss. This Echo transforms the character into the Inferno Rider itself, enabling them to unleash a flurry of Fusion DMG attacks while simultaneously boosting the character’s Fusion DMG and Basic Attack DMG.

For those seeking to add this powerful Echo to their roster, this guide will provide all the necessary information to obtain and make the most of the Inferno Rider.

Inferno Rider Echo Overview

Inferno RiderInferno Rider
Echo SkillTransform into Inferno Rider to perform consecutive strikes, dealing Fusion DMG. Increase current character’s Fusion DMG and Basic Attack DMG. Long press Echo Skill to enter the Riding Mode.

Detailed Echo Skill:
Transform into Inferno Rider to launch up to 3 consecutive slashes in a row, each slash dealing 174.23%, 203.26%, and 203.26% Fusion DMG respectively. After the final hit, increase the current character’s Fusion DMG by 12.00% and Basic Attack DMG by 12.00% for 15s. Long press the Echo Skill to transform into Inferno Rider and enter the Riding Mode. When exiting the Riding Mode, deal 12.00% Fusion DMG to enemies in front. CD: 20s
Molten Rift
Sonata Effects
(Molten Rift)
2 set: Fusion DMG +10%.
5 set: Fusion DMG +30% for 15s after releasing Resonance Skill.
Inferno Rider Echo Overview

How to Get to Inferno Rider in Wuthering Waves?

Inferno Rider Boss Location Wuthering Waves
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To obtain the Inferno Rider Echo, players must defeat the Inferno Rider boss at Tacet Fields or during weekly events. It is crucial to note that these enemies are formidable, so thorough preparation is essential before engaging in battle.

The Inferno Rider boss can be found in the Sea of Flames, located within the Port City of Guixu. To access this area, players must first complete the quest “We Promise, We Deliver.”

How to Beat Inferno Rider in Wuthering Waves?

How to Beat Inferno Rider in Wuthering Waves?
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  • When facing the Inferno Rider, players must adapt their strategies based on the boss’s current phase. During the Bike Phase, the Inferno Rider attacks using either its weapon or the bike itself.
  • When the boss glows and prepares to strike on its right, it indicates a weapon attack. Conversely, if the vehicle glows and the rider performs a wheelie, an attack using the bike is imminent. Timing dodges precisely is crucial to avoid taking excessive damage. Moreover, frequently using Intro and Outro skills can help reduce the boss’s Vibration Strength, allowing players to progress to the next phase more quickly.
  • Once the Inferno Rider’s Vibration Strength is depleted during the Bike Phase, it will transition to the Standing Phase, where it fights without its bike. During this phase, players can counter the boss’s attacks by striking when the yellow rings overlap. To successfully parry an attack, players must time their Basic Attack to hit the enemy precisely when the rings overlap.
  • It is essential to be close to the enemy for the parry to work, even for characters wielding long-range weapons like Pistols or Rectifiers. Successful parries will rapidly reduce the Inferno Rider’s Vibration Strength, rendering it immobile and vulnerable to further damage. Parrying also generates a significant amount of Concerto Energy, which can be used to trigger powerful Outro and Intro Skills after switching characters.
  • It is important to note that the Inferno Rider is resistant to Fusion damage, so players should avoid using Resonators and Echoes that deal this type of damage, as their effectiveness will be diminished.

Rewards for Defeating Inferno Rider:

First Clear Bonus:
Union EXP x500
Astrite x20
Advanced Resonance Potion x1
Advanced Energy Core x1
Shell Credit x20,000

Probability of Obtaining:
Union EXP x450
Rage Tacet Core
Medium Resonance Potion
Medium Energy Core
Medium Sealed Tube
Shell Credits

In conclusion, the Inferno Rider Echo is an incredibly potent asset for players looking to enhance their character’s Fusion damage output and overall combat prowess. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, mastering the parrying mechanic, and making the most of the tips provided, players can confidently face the Inferno Rider boss, emerge victorious, and claim the rewards that await them.

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