Wuthering Waves Tempest Mephis Boss Location and How to Beat

Kyuma |  Published: May 25, 2024

Discover the location, strategies, and rewards for obtaining the powerful Tempest Mephis Echo in Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves introduces a variety of powerful Echoes, and among them is the Tempest Mephis, a 4-Cost Overlord Echo. When equipped, this Echo transforms the character into Tempest Mephis, enabling them to unleash a barrage of Electro damage against enemies while simultaneously boosting the character’s Electro DMG and Heavy Attack DMG.

Tempest Mephis Overview

Tempest MephisTempest Mephis
Echo SkillTransform into Tempest Mephis to continuously attack enemies, dealing Electro damage. Increase the current character’s Electro DMG & Heavy Attack DMG.

Detailed Echo Skill: Transform into Tempest Mephis to perform tail swing attacks followed by a claw attack. The lightning strike summoned by the tail swing deals 73.66% Electro DMG each time, while the claw attack deals 126.27% Electro DMG. After the claw hit, increase the current character’s Electro DMG by 12.00% and Heavy Attack DMG by 12.00% for 15s. CD: 20s
Void Thunder
Sonata Effects
(Void Thunder)
2-set: Electro DMG +10%.
5 set: Electro DMG +15% after releasing Heavy Attack or Resonance Skill. This effect stacks up to 2 times, each stack lasts 15 s.

How to Get to Tempest Mephis in Wuthering Waves?

Tempest Mephis Boss Location Wuthering Waves
Image Credits: GameWitted

Tempest Mephis can be obtained by defeating one at a Tacet Fields or in weekly events. These are tough enemies, so be prepared before attempting to defeat them.

Tempest Mephis can be found near Qichi Village in the Central Plains. The boss is underground, so players need to drop down a nearby hole near the Resonance Nexus to enter its arena.

The hole can be easily found by looking for the wind blowing upward. It is located midway between its map market and the Qichi Village fast travel point.

How to Beat Tempest Mephis and Rewards

How to Beat Tempest Mephis and Rewards
Image Credits: GameWitted

Tempest Mephis is not a hard boss to beat but you will still require some planning to do so. First and foremost you need to note that Tempest Mephis has an increased resistance to Electro DMG, hence refrain from using characters from this element.

Secondly, Tempest Mephis possesses a lot of gap-closing skills hence it’s important for you to dodge them. When facing the Tempest Mephis look to use parries and counterattacks to quickly get rid of its Vibration Strength and deal massive amounts of damage.

First Clear Bonus:

  • Union EXP x500
  • Astrite x20
  • Advanced Resonance Potion x1
  • Advanced Energy Core x1
  • Shell Credit x20,000

Probability of Obtaining:

  • Union EXP x450
  • Hidden Thunder Tacet Core
  • Medium Resonance Potion
  • Medium Energy Core
  • Medium Sealed Tube
  • Intimacy
  • Shell Credits

In conclusion, the Tempest Mephis Echo is a valuable asset for any player looking to boost their character’s electro-damage output and overall combat effectiveness. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, players can confidently take on the Tempest Mephis boss, claim victory, and reap the rewards of their efforts.

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