Wuthering Waves Thundering Mephis Boss Location and How to Beat

Kyuma |  Published: May 25, 2024

Defeat the powerful Thundering Mephis Echo Boss in Wuthering Waves with our guide, covering skills, location, strategies, and rewards.

Thundering Mephis is a formidable 4-Cost Overlord Echo in Wuthering Waves. This guide provides an overview of Thundering Mephis, including its skills, how to obtain it, boss location, recommended characters, and strategies to defeat it.

Thundering Mephis Overview

Thundering MephisThundering Mephis
Echo SkillTransform into Thundering Mephis to deal Electro DMG. Increase the current character’s Electro DMG and Resonance Liberation DMG.
Void Thunder
Sonata Effects
(Void Thunder)
2 set: Electro DMG +10%.
5 set: Electro DMG +15% after releasing Heavy Attack or Resonance Skill. This effect stacks up to 2 times, each stack lasts 15s.
Thundering Mephis Overview

The Echo Skill allows the character to transform into Thundering Mephis, unleashing a rapid assault of up to 6 strikes. The first 5 strikes deal 95.31% Electro DMG each, while the final strike inflicts 136.16% Electro DMG, with an additional 22.69% Electro DMG from the thunder.

After the final hit, the character’s Electro DMG and Resonance Liberation DMG are increased by 12.00% for 15 seconds, with a cooldown of 20 seconds.

How to Get to Thundering Mephis in Wuthering Waves?

Thundering Mephis Boss Location Wuthering Waves
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To obtain Thundering Mephis, players must defeat it at Tacet Fields or in weekly events. These battles are challenging, so players should ensure they are well-prepared before engaging the boss.

Thundering Mephis can be found in the Withering Frontline area of Desorock Highland. To reach the boss, players should first locate the Desorock Highland fast travel point. From there, glide down to the Withering Frontline area, where Thundering Mephis awaits.

How to Defeat Thundering Mephis in Wuthering Waves

How to Defeat Thundering Mephis in Wuthering Waves
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Attack NameDescription
Teleport AbilitiesThundering Mephis frequently uses teleport abilities to close the gap between itself and the player.
Stab AttackThundering Mephis will step back and attempt to stab the player. This move can be parried by timing attacks when the parry rings appear.
Gap Close MovesMost of Thundering Mephis’s moves are designed to close the distance or create space for high-damage charge attacks.
How to Defeat Thundering Mephis in Wuthering Waves

To defeat Thundering Mephis, players should be prepared for its teleportation abilities and gap-closing moves. When Thundering Mephis steps back for the stab attack, watch for the parry rings and time attacks accordingly to counter the move. Stay alert and adapt to the boss’s movements to emerge victorious.

Furthermore, remember that Thundering Mephis has increased resistance to Electro DMG therefore refrain from using characters of this element.

Rewards for Defeating Thundering Mephis

First Clear Bonus:

  • Union EXP x500
  • Astrite x20
  • Advanced Resonance Potion x1
  • Advanced Energy Core x1
  • Shell Credit x20,000

Probability of Obtaining:

  • Union EXP x450
  • Thundering Tacet Core
  • Medium Resonance Potion
  • Medium Energy Core
  • Medium Sealed Tube
  • Intimacy
  • Shell Credits

By following this guide and understanding Thundering Mephis’s skills, location, and strategies, players can successfully obtain this powerful Echo and enhance their characters’ Electro DMG and Resonance Liberation DMG in Wuthering Waves.

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