Manor Lords: How to Fix the Homelessness Issue

Kyuma |  Published: April 27, 2024

Learn how to fix persistent homelessness in your Manor Lords settlement, even when sufficient housing is available.

As players dive into Manor Lords, many encounter an unexpected challenge: persistent homelessness, despite having constructed enough housing for their villagers.

This issue not only affects the overall happiness and well-being of your settlement but can also hinder its growth and development. In this guide, we’ll explore various methods to fix the homelessness problem in Manor Lords.

How to Fix Homelessness in Manor Lords?

Building and Upgrading Burgage Plots is can fix homelessness in Manor Lords
Image Credits: GameWitted

The first step in addressing homelessness is to ensure you have an adequate number of Burgage Plots to accommodate all the families in your settlement. These residential zones are flexible and can be adjusted in size and shape to fit your town’s layout. When placing Burgage Plots, keep these tips in mind:

  • Ensure the plots are facing roads for easy access
  • Each plot requires Timber to construct, so have a Logging Camp operational
  • Monitor the icons that appear while adjusting the plot size:
    • Large house: The main residence for one family
    • Small house with a plus sign: An additional home that can be built later to house another family
    • Shed with a hammer: A workshop addition that can provide resources or convert residents into specialized Artisans

Remember that each home consumes one unit of Firewood per month, so establish a Woodcutter’s Lodge to meet this ongoing need.

How to Solve Homelessness Bug?

How to fix Homelessness Bug in Manor Lords
Image Credits: GameWitted

If you’ve constructed enough Burgage Plots but still notice families remaining homeless, you may be encountering a known bug in Manor Lords. One potential fix for Homelessness bug in Manor Lord is to:

  1. Save your game
  2. Exit to the main menu
  3. Reload your saved game

This process can sometimes trigger the game to properly recognize available housing. After reloading, allow a few minutes for the homeless villagers to move into their new homes.

Upgrading the Homeless Camp

Another option to address homelessness is to upgrade the Homeless People’s Tents into a Worker Camp. This upgrade provides living space for five families and requires only one unit of Timber.

However, be aware that this action may cause a temporary decrease in your settlement’s approval rating. Once all homeless villagers have moved into permanent housing, you can safely remove the Worker Camp to prevent the bug from resurfacing.

Dealing with persistent homelessness in Manor Lords requires a combination of constructing sufficient Burgage Plots, utilizing potential bug fixes, and closely monitoring your settlement’s progress. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your villagers remain well-housed.