Manor Lords Trading System: Trading Tips and Tricks

Suki |  Published: April 29, 2024

Discover how trading system works in Manor Lords. We’ll provide the tips and tricks for trading in the game.

In Manor Lords, trade plays a crucial role in acquiring vital resources and expanding your settlement. Importing and exporting goods is an essential aspect of the game, allowing you to obtain materials that are scarce in your region or sell surplus items for profit. Let’s take a detailed look at the trading system in Manor Lords.

Trading System in Manor Lords

manor lords trading system
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Before delving into the specifics of trading, it’s essential to grasp the fundamental mechanics. Trading in Manor Lords is facilitated through two primary structures: the Trading Post and the Livestock Trading Post.

While the Trading Post deals with goods and materials, the Livestock Trading Post specializes in trading livestock. Both buildings function similarly, offering a dedicated Trade tab where you can manage imports, exports, and trade routes.

Importing Goods and Livestock

manor lords trading system
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Importing is a vital aspect of trading, as it allows you to acquire resources that are difficult or impossible to produce in your region. To import goods or livestock, navigate to the Trade tab of the respective trading post and adjust the Desired Surplus for the item you wish to import. Subsequently, set the Trade Rule to “Import” or “Full Trade” to initiate the import process.

However, importing comes at a cost. Be mindful of your Regional Wealth, as importing goods will deplete this valuable resource. Prioritize importing essential items that are crucial for advancing your settlement’s development, such as building materials or resources required for crafting valuable goods.

Exporting for Profit

manor lords trading system
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While importing allows you to obtain necessary resources, exporting surplus goods is a good way to generate Regional Wealth. Identify goods or livestock that you have in abundance and set the Trade Rule to “Export” or “Full Trade.” The key to maximizing profits lies in selecting high-value items that fetch a favorable price on the market.

Additionally, consider establishing Trade Routes for goods with a consistent demand. Trade Routes ensure a steady flow of merchants visiting your settlement, facilitating regular imports and exports. This not only streamlines the trading process but also provides a reliable source of income.

Trading Tips and Strategies

To enhance your trading endeavors, consider the following tips and strategies:

  • Prioritize imports for essential resources: Focus on importing goods or livestock that are crucial for advancing your settlement’s development, such as building materials or resources required for crafting valuable goods.
  • Exploit Regional Advantages: Identify resources that are abundant in your region and prioritize exporting them for maximum profit. For example, if your region has fertile soil for growing barley, consider exporting ale or other barley-based goods.
  • Invest in Trading Upgrades: Manor Lords offers developmental upgrades that can enhance your trading capabilities. Invest in upgrades like Trade Logistics and Better Deals to reduce import costs and improve trade efficiency.
  • Balance Trade and Production: While trading is essential, strive to maintain a balance between imports and local production. Overreliance on imports can leave your settlement vulnerable to market fluctuations and supply disruptions.
  • Diversify Trade Partnerships: Explore trade opportunities with multiple settlements or regions to mitigate risks and ensure a steady flow of goods and resources.


By following our trading guide for Manor Lords, you can effectively navigate the complexities of resource management, generate substantial profits, and propel your settlement toward prosperity. Implement these strategies, stay adaptable, and your trading endeavors will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and success of your medieval empire.