All Resources in Manor Lords: How to Get and Use Them

Kyuma |  Published: April 29, 2024

Discover all the resources in Manor Lords and learn how to acquire and utilize them effectively in this resource management guide.

In Manor Lords resources play a vital role in keeping your settlement thriving. From necessities like food and fuel to advanced crafting materials and military resources, understanding how to acquire and utilize these resources is essential for success.

In this guide, we’ll explore all the resources available in Manor Lords, detailing where to find them and how to make the most of each one.

All Types of Resources in Manor Lords

All types of Resources in Manor Lords
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There are several categories of resources in Manor Lords, each serving a unique purpose:

  • Currency: Used for diplomacy, hiring mercenaries, and conquering new regions.
  • Food: Keeps your villagers alive and includes meat, vegetables, berries, bread, eggs, apples, and honey.
  • Construction Materials: Essential for building and upgrading structures, such as timber, planks, stone, and tools.
  • Crops: Farmed resources like flax, barley, wheat, and rye that can be processed into food or crafting materials.
  • Fuel: Vital for survival, especially during winter; includes firewood and charcoal.
  • Crafting Materials: Used to create commodities for export or to craft weapons; includes grain, flour, hides, wool, clay, and iron ore.
  • Raw Resources: Primary resources like wild animals, iron deposits, berry deposits, stone deposits, clay deposits, sheep, and trees.
  • Commodities: Tradeable resources like cloaks, clothes, ale, shoes, and herbs that can be sold in the marketplace or exported.
  • Military Resources: Weapons and armor for your militia, such as sidearms, spears, polearms, warbows, shields, gambesons, helmets, mail armor, and plate armor.

List of All Resources in Manor Lords

ResourceHow to GetHow to Use
TreasuryDiplomacy, imposing tithes, enacting policiesHiring mercenaries, conquering regions
InfluenceImproving Church and settlement, enacting policies, imposing tithesUnlocking developments, enacting policies
Regional WealthExports, Level 2 Burgage PlotsPurchasing extensions, importing resources
MeatHunting CampsDistributed as food
VegetablesVegetable Garden extensionDistributed as food
BerriesForager’s HutDistributed as food
BreadWindmill (Flour) + Communal Oven or Bakery extensionDistributed as food
EggsChicken Coop extensionDistributed as food
ApplesApple Orchard extensionDistributed as food
HoneyApiaryDistributed as food
TimberLogging CampCrafting planks, building structures
PlanksSawpit (Timber)Building structures, crafting wooden parts and weapons
StoneStonecutter CampBuilding structures, upgrading buildings
Chicken Coop ExtensionClay Furnace (Clay)Upgrading buildings
ToolsBlacksmith’s Workshop (Iron Slab)Trading for regional wealth
Wooden PartsJoiner’s Workshop (Planks)Trading for regional wealth
FlaxFieldsCrafting linen
BarleyFieldsCrafting malt
WheatFieldsCrafting grain and flour
RyeFields (Rye Cultivation development)Crafting grain and flour
FirewoodWoodcutter’s LodgeUsed as fuel, crafting charcoal
CharcoalCharcoal Kiln (Firewood)Used as fuel
GrainFarmhouse (Wheat/Rye)Crafting flour
FlourWindmill (Grain)Crafting bread
HidesHunting Camp, Goat Shed extensionCrafting leather
LeatherTannery (Hides)Crafting shoes
WoolSheep FarmCrafting yarn
YarnWeaver’s Workshop (Wool)Crafting cloaks
LinenWeaver’s Workshop (Flax)Crafting clothes and gambesons
WaxApiary (Advanced Beekeeping development)Crafting candles (not yet implemented)
MaltMalthouse (Barley)Crafting ale
ClayMining Pit (Clay Deposits)Crafting rooftiles
Iron OreMining Pit (Iron Deposits)Crafting iron slabs
Iron SlabBloomery (Iron Ore)Crafting tools, weapons, and armor
DyesDyer’s Workshop (Berries)Crafting clothes and cloaks
OxHitching Post (20 Regional Wealth per ox)Assisting in construction and logistics within the settlement
HorsesHitching Post, Small Stable, Trading Post (30 Regional Wealth per horse)Roof tiles
Wild AnimalsHunting CampProducing meat and hides
Iron DepositsMining PitProducing iron ore
Berry DepositsForager’s HutProducing berries
Stone DepositsStonecutter CampProducing stone
Clay DepositsMining PitProducing clay
SheepLivestock Trading PostProducing wool
TreesNaturally occurring, Forester’s HutProducing timber and firewood
CloaksTailor’s Workshop (Yarn, Dyes)Distributed as clothing, exported for regional wealth
ClothesTailor’s Workshop (Linen, Dyes)Distributed as clothing, exported for regional wealth
AleBrewery extension (Malt)Upgrading Burgage Plots, exported for regional wealth
ShoesCobbler’s Workshop (Leather)Distributed as clothing, exported for regional wealth
HerbsForager’s Hut (Herb Garden upgrade)Treating the sick
SidearmsBlacksmith’s Workshop (Iron Slab)Equipping Militia Footmen
SpearsBlacksmith’s Workshop (Iron Slab, Planks)Equipping Spear Militia
PolearmsBlacksmith’s Workshop (Iron Slab, Planks)Equipping Polearm Militia
WarbowsFletcher’s Workshop (Planks)Equipping Archer Militia
Small ShieldsJoiner’s Workshop (Planks)Equipping Militia Footmen
Large ShieldsJoiner’s Workshop (Planks)Equipping Spear Militia
GambesonsTailor’s Workshop (Linen)Armor for Militia
HelmetsArmorer’s Workshop (Iron Slab) – Basic Armormaking developmentArmor for Militia
Mail ArmorArmorer’s Workshop (Iron Slab) – Advanced Armormaking developmentArmor for Militia
Plate ArmorArmorer’s Workshop (Iron Slab) – Master Armormaking developmentArmor for Militia
List of All Resources in Manor Lords

Managing resources effectively is crucial for the growth and prosperity of your settlement in Manor Lords. You can optimize your production chains, trade efficiently, and defend your territory by understanding how to acquire and utilize each resource, from basic necessities to advanced crafting materials and military equipment.

Keep this resource guide handy as you build your medieval empire in Manor Lords, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful lord.