Manor Lords: How to Enable Trade and Set Up Trade Routes

Kyuma |  Published: April 28, 2024

Enable trading in Manor Lords with this guide on building Trading Posts, establishing Trade Routes, and selecting the best goods to export.

In Manor Lords trading plays a vital role in the growth and prosperity of your settlement. By exporting surplus resources and importing essential goods, you can generate a steady flow of income and ensure your town’s success.

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up trade in Manor Lords, from constructing Trading Posts to establishing Trade Routes and choosing the most profitable goods to export.

How to Trade in Manor Lords?

Setup a trading post in Manor Lords to enable trading in Manor lords
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Step 1: Build a Trading Post in Manor Lords

The first step in establishing trade in Manor Lords is to construct a Trading Post. Prioritize building this structure as soon as you’ve secured your settlement’s basic needs, such as firewood, water supply, and food. To build a Trading Post, you’ll need:

  • 4 units of Timber

Once your Trading Post is built, assign at least one family to the building to enable trading. As your settlement grows, consider assigning additional families to the Trading Post to increase its efficiency.

Step 2: Choosing the Trading Post Location

Every region has their own trade point in Manor Lords
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When placing your Trading Post, consider its location carefully. Each region in Manor Lords has a designated Trade Point, represented by a blue icon on the map. This is where traders will come to buy your exported goods and deliver imported items.

Ideally, you want to strike a balance between proximity to your settlement’s resources and the Trade Point. Building your Trading Post closer to the Trade Point will speed up imports while placing it nearer to your town center will facilitate faster exports.

As your settlement expands, the location of your Trading Post becomes less critical, but optimizing its placement early on can help kickstart your economy.

Step 3: Setting Trade Rules

Select a material you want to setup a trade for in Manor Lords
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Once your Trading Post is operational, access its Trade tab to view the goods available for import and export. To begin trading, you’ll need to set Trade Rules for each resource. Trade Rules determine whether you want to import, export, or engage in full trade for a specific good. You can also set the quantity of goods to trade and ensure your town maintains a surplus.

To set a Trade Rule:

  1. Click on the Trading Post
  2. Access the Trade tab
  3. Select the desired Trade Rule (Import, Export, or Full Trade) for each resource
  4. Specify the quantity of goods to trade, if necessary

Step 4: Establishing Trade Routes in Manor Lords

Setup a trade route in Manor Lords
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For major trades or goods you plan to export in large quantities, establishing a Trade Route is crucial. Trade Routes ensure a consistent flow of trade by sending dedicated merchants to your settlement. To create a Trade Route:

  1. Click on the horse and cart icon in the Trading Post’s Trade tab
  2. Select the resource you want to establish a Trade Route for

Keep in mind that Trade Routes cannot be canceled once established, so carefully consider your settlement’s needs before creating one. Additionally, the cost of establishing new Trade Routes increases with each route created. To mitigate this, invest in the Trade Logistics development, which sets the price of each new Trade Route to a maximum of 25 Regional Wealth.

Step 5: Selecting the Best Goods to Export

When choosing goods to export, consider the following factors:

  • High selling price
  • Ease of mass production
  • Availability of regional resources

Some of the best goods to export in Manor Lords include:

  • Rooftiles: Sells for 8 Regional Wealth, but requires a Rich Clay Deposit
  • Ale: Sells for 8 Regional Wealth, but requires Malt from Barley
  • Cloaks: Sells for 8 Regional Wealth, but requires multiple buildings and a constant supply of Berries
  • Shoes: Sells for 8 Regional Wealth and can be easily produced
  • Warbows: Sells for 5 Regional Wealth, can be crafted quickly, and only requires Planks

Additionally, exporting any excess resources, such as Eggs or Leather, can free up storage space while generating income. Remember to diversify your exports to avoid saturating the market and reducing the selling price of your goods.

Trading in Manor Lords is a powerful tool for growing your settlement’s economy and ensuring its long-term success. By constructing Trading Posts, establishing Trade Routes, and carefully selecting the goods you export, you can generate a substantial income and secure the resources your town needs to thrive.