Sand Land: Need a Lift, Ann? Quest Guide

Scarletrune |  Published: April 29, 2024

In this article, you will find out how to complete Need a Lift, Ann? quest in Sand Land. We will explain everything you need to know!

The Need a Lift, Ann? quest in Sand Land will take Beelzebub and his crew on a dangerous journey through the desert. Armed with a newly acquired tank, you and your squad must break through military checkpoints and face off against a powerful Cargo Airship to reach the town of Spino.

Need a Lift, Ann? Quest Guide in Sand Land

Here is the complete step-by-step guide to help you tackle Need a Lift, Ann? quest in Sand Land. Check them out!

Step 1: Blasting Through the Checkpoint

Sand Land- Need a Lift, Ann? Quest Guide
Bandai Namco

This quest begins with a closed drawbridge blocking the path. To move forward, you need to defeat the soldiers and tanks guarding the checkpoint. Attack them from afar to avoid getting overwhelmed by their strong firepower.

After clearing the area, shoot down the cable reels to lower the drawbridge.

Sand Land- Need a Lift, Ann? Quest Guide
Bandai Namco

More enemies await on the other side, but they can be quickly defeated or simply outrun if only foot soldiers remain. Remember to loot any chests along the way for valuable materials to enhance the tank.

Step 2: Engaging the Cargo Airship

Sand Land Need a Lift, Ann? Quest Guide
Bandai Namco

When you go deeper into the desert, you will encounter a huge cyan orb that hangs in the sky, carried by a Cargo Airship. Sheriff Rao suggests your squad to hide under a rock, but the airship will spot your tank and starts attacking.

To fight the Cargo Airship effectively, you need to find high ground on the dunes and use the terrain for cover. Focus on destroying the machine guns on the orb and the front of the ship to weaken their attacks. If you’re overwhelmed, retreat behind cliffs to heal.

Step 3: Defeating the Cargo Airship

Defeating Cargo Airship in Sand Land
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Once the Cargo Airsip’s health is drained, the giant orb will fall to the grounds. Then, the Cargo Airship will hover above your tank, trying to attack. Beelzebub’s quick thinking saves the day – quickly press the button shown on the screen () to tilt the tank and shoot upwards, bringing down the Cargo Airship.

Step 4: Need a Lift, Ann? Quest Rewards

Sand Land Need a Lift, Ann? Quest Guide
Bandai Namco

Go to the wreckage of the fallen water tank to investigate it. There you can find some rewards such as:

  • 12mm Heavy Machine Gun
  • B-Grade Steel, Gunpowder, and Bolt
  • 700 EXP
  • 500 Zeni

Step 5: The Road to Spino

Sand Land: Need a Lift, Ann? Quest Guide
Bandai Namco

With the Cargo Airship defeated, continue following the quest marker towards Spino. Along the way, loot any chests to bolster the tank’s arsenal and navigate through the cliff-lined paths.

Upon reaching the town, prepare for crucial story revelations and the next stage of this thrilling adventure in Sand Land!

By following this Need a Lift, Ann? quest guide and maintaining the tank well, Beelzebub and his friends will outsmart the military’s persistent chase and discover the mysteries waiting for them in Spino.

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