How to Get Firewood or Fuel in Manor Lords

Suki |  Published: April 29, 2024

Discover efficient methods to get firewood or fuel in Manor Lords with this detailed guide.

In Manor Lords, firewood (fuel) is an essential resource that keeps your citizens warm and powers various industrial structures. Obtaining a steady supply of this resource is vital for the growth and prosperity of your settlement. This guide covers how to efficiently get firewood or fuel in Manor Lords.

How to Get Firewood / Fuel in Manor Lords

how to get firewood in manor lords
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Firewood, alongside food, is arguably one of the most important materials to stockpile in Manor Lords. While the need for it may seem minimal in the early stages, as your town expands, the demand for firewood escalates significantly.

It becomes crucial to have ample reserves, especially during the harsh winter months when firewood consumption doubles to combat the frigid temperatures.

To begin gathering firewood, you must construct a Woodcutter’s Lodge near forested areas and assign at least one family to work there. Conveniently, the Woodcutter’s Lodge is an inexpensive structure, requiring only 1 Timber to build.

It should be one of the first structures you establish, along with a Logging Camp and Burgage Plots to address housing needs.

Efficient Firewood Management

how to get firewood in manor lords
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Once your Woodcutter’s Lodge is operational, you can optimize the gathering process by manually assigning work zones.

  • Select the lodge, navigate to the Advanced tab, and use the “Limit work area” feature.
  • This allows you to designate specific areas for your workers to harvest trees, preventing them from inadvertently deforesting the land or damaging berry bushes and animal habitats.

Furthermore, it is advisable to build a Forester’s Hut and assign workers to plant new trees in the depleted areas. This sustainable approach ensures a continuous supply of timber while preserving the natural environment.

Storing and Distributing Firewood

how to get firewood in manor lords
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As your firewood stockpile grows, you’ll need designated facilities to store and distribute it. Constructing and staffing a Storehouse and a Marketplace will streamline the process, ensuring your serfs have access to the fuel they need to stay warm and maintain a comfortable living environment.

With the expansion of your settlement, the demand for firewood will inevitably increase. To meet this growing need, consider assigning multiple families to your Woodcutter’s Lodge or building additional lodges if necessary.

Alternatively, you can invest in the Charcoal Burning upgrade and construct a Charcoal Kiln, which converts 1 Firewood into 2 Charcoal, effectively doubling your fuel supply.


Maintaining a steady supply of firewood or fuel is crucial for the well-being of your citizens and the prosperity of your town in Manor Lords. By following the guidelines outlined in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to master the art of fuel and firewood gathering, ensuring your settlement thrives through even the harshest of winters.