How to Manage Families in Manor Lords

Suki |  Published: April 29, 2024

Learn how to manage families in Manor Lords with this detailed guide.

In the medieval realm of Manor Lords, your villagers are the driving force behind a thriving settlement. Efficient family management is crucial for ensuring a steady supply of resources, a well-constructed town, and overall village prosperity. Find out how to properly manage families in Manor Lords in this detailed guide.

How to Manage Families in Manor Lords

how to manage families in manor lords
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Manor Lords does not treat workers as individuals; instead, they are organized into family units, each comprising three members. When assigning a task to a family, all three members will contribute their efforts to the designated job.

To monitor their responsibilities, simply click on the workplace and navigate to the ‘People’ tab, revealing the specific duties assigned to each family.

As your village grows, new families will arrive and need to be integrated into the workforce. Assigning tasks is a straightforward process – click on the desired building and select the plus sign to assign available families.

Continue this process until all families have been allocated roles. If no more unassigned families remain, a radar icon will appear, indicating that future arrivals will automatically be designated to that workplace.

The Importance of Unassigned Families

how to manage families in manor lords
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While it may seem counterintuitive, maintaining a pool of unassigned families is essential for efficient village expansion.

  • These families will be responsible for constructing new buildings and burgage plots, ensuring that construction projects progress swiftly without diverting workers from their existing duties.
  • Aim to keep three to four families unassigned if you have ambitious development plans.

Prioritizing Food Production

how to manage families in manor lords
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Ensuring a stable food supply should be your top priority from the start, not doing this is part of the mistakes to avoid in Manor Lords. Building structures such as Forager Huts, Hunting Camps, and Farmhouses early on will secure a steady influx of food for your growing population.

Allocate multiple families to these vital roles, as a shortage of food can quickly lead to chaos within your village.

Balancing Growth and Resources

While the temptation to rapidly expand your population may be strong, it is essential to strike a balance between growth and available resources.

Building too many burgage plots without considering the increased demand for food and fuel can strain your village’s resources, potentially leading to shortages and unrest. Carefully evaluate your current production capabilities before introducing new families to your settlement.


By mastering the art of family management in Manor Lords, you will lay the foundation for a prosperous and well-organized medieval village. Efficient resource allocation, strategic task assignment, and a keen eye for balancing growth with sustainability will ensure your villagers thrive, and your reign as lord is a successful one.