Rise of the Ronin: Reinventing the Shogunate Quest Guide

ruekuma |  Published: April 11, 2024

Discover ways to aid Kaishu Katsu revive the shogunate in Rise of the Ronin with this Reinventing the Shogunate quest guide.

After completing the mission to meet Kaishu Katsu, you are tasked with helping Katsu revive the shogunate. This comprehensive guide breaks down the steps of Reinventing the Shogunate Quest in Rise of the Ronin.

Reinventing the Shogunate Quest Guide in Rise of the Ronin

Reinventing the Shogunate quest starts right after the completion of the Khaisu Katsu mission in the Decision quest. This quest aims to revive the Shogunate through a series of main missions, leading to the next chapter.

Step 1: Talk to Ryoma at the Longhouse

Talk to Ryoma
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The quest begins with the protagonist returning to their longhouse in Edo, where they find Ryoma Sakamoto waiting. Ryoma informs you that Katsu has a new opportunity to offer, and suggests heading to Katsu’s estate in Akasaka.

Step 2: Travel to Katsu’s Estate

Travel to Katsu's Estate
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You can fast-travel to Katsu’s estate in Akasaka using the Veiled Edge Banner located near the longhouse. This will save time and allow you to meet with Katsu more quickly.

Step 3: Speak with Katsu

Speak with Katsu
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Upon arriving at Katsu’s estate, you will find Katsu waiting for them. Katsu explains that the key to reviving the shogunate lies in recruiting skilled individuals.

Reinventing the Shogunate Main Quests in Rise of the Ronin
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He presents three main missions that can be tackled at the following order level to achieve his main objective:

Check out our comprehensive guide to each main quest to successfully complete them and build a strong foundation for Reinventing the Shogunate.

Step 4: Complete the Main Missions

Rise of the Ronin Reinventing the Shogunate Quest Guide
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Each of the three main missions involves recruiting specific people with various expertise, such as martial artists, medical experts, and military strategists.

The protagonist must navigate these tasks while balancing their priorities and investigating the mysterious Demonclaw Samurai.

As you complete these missions, you will deepen your bond with Ryoma and Katsu, gaining a better understanding of their vision for a renewed shogunate.

Completing Reinventing the Shogunate Quest in Rise of the Ronin

The successful completion of the Reinventing the Shogunate quest will pave the way for the next chapter of your journey in Rise of the Ronin.

With a stronger network of allies and a clearer understanding of the political landscape, it’s time to uncover the truth and bring about positive change in the next Looking Ahead quest.

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