Wuthering Waves Echo Tier List: All Echoes Ranked

Scarletrune |  Published: May 27, 2024

This comprehensive tier list ranks the available Echoes in Wuthering Waves, from the best to the worst, providing valuable insights to guide your decisions.

In the captivating world of Wuthering Waves, Echoes are essential components that enhance the abilities of Resonators. These Echoes are the remains of defeated enemies and bosses that can add special skills and stat boosts to the characters who equip them.

With so many Echoes available in Wuthering Waves, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, it can be challenging to determine which ones are worth investing in. This comprehensive tier list will guide you through all of the Echo selections.

Wuthering Waves Echo Tier List: All Echoes Ranked

Wuthering Waves Echo Tier List: All Echoes Ranked
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Echoes are equipment pieces that Resonators can acquire by defeating various bosses and enemies throughout the game. Each Echo is a reflection of the creature it originated from, inheriting some of its characteristics and abilities.

Echoes come in different rarities, ranging from 2-star Uncommon to 5-star Legendary. The higher the rarity, the more substats an Echo can possess and the higher its maximum level. Echoes also have a Cost associated with them, which determines how many can be equipped on a single Resonator based on their Cost Limit.

When an Echo is placed in the first slot of a Resonator’s equipment, it grants them the ability to temporarily transform into the original monster and unleash a special skill. This makes the choice of which Echo to prioritize in that slot particularly important.

Wuthering Waves S-Tier Echoes

These Echoes are the absolute best of the best, offering game-changing skills and substantial stat boosts that can elevate any Resonator to new heights:

Cyan-Feathered HeronCyan-Feathered Heron A majestic avian Echo that significantly boosts Energy Regen and Healing.
DiamondclawDiamondclawA fearsome duo that enhances the main damage types.
Fission JunrockFission Junrock Another top-tier choice for Energy Regen.
Fusion WarriorFusion Warrior A versatile Echo that fits well into any team composition.
Stonewall BracerStonewall Bracer Provides unparalleled tankiness and reliability.

Wuthering Waves A-Tier Echoes

These legendary contenders offer potent skills and impressive stat boosts that can significantly enhance a Resonator’s performance in the game:

Bell-Borne GeocheloneBell-Borne GeocheloneA sturdy Echo that excels at boosting Energy Regen.
Chasm GuardianChasm GuardianSolid support Echoes that provide valuable utility.
Electro PredatorElectro PredatorCrackle with electrical energy.
SpearbackSpearbackSolid support Echoes that provide valuable utility.
Tempest MephisTempest MephisProvides a shocking boost to offensive capabilities.
Thundering MephisThundering MephisA melodic Echo that strikes with the force of a thunderstorm.

Wuthering Waves B-Tier Echoes

These Echoes are reliable companions that can still contribute meaningfully to your team’s success, offering decent skills and stat boosts:

Altered Feilian BeringalFeilian BeringalA transformed version of the Feilian Beringal Echo, providing a unique set of abilities.
Fusion PrismFusion PrismFocus on dealing damage with Fusion element.
Glacio Predator Glacio PredatorFocus on dealing damage with Glacio element.
HooscampHooscamp FlingerBizarre yet intriguing Echoes to equip.
Inferno RiderInferno Rider Charges into battle, leaving a trail of scorched enemies in its wake.
Lampylumen MyriadLampylumen MyriadIlluminates the battlefield, providing valuable support to your team.
Mourning AixMourning AixBizarre yet intriguing Echoes.

Wuthering Waves C-Tier Echoes

The Echoes in this tier tend to be more situational in their usefulness, excelling in specific niches or against certain enemy types:

Aero PredatorAero PredatorSpecializes in dealing Aero damage.
Autopuppet ScoutAutopuppet ScoutProvides valuable scouting capabilities.
CruisewingCruisewingCan deliver powerful counterattacks.
Violet-Featherd HeronViolet-Feathered HeronCan deliver powerful counterattacks.

Echoes are a fascinating and integral part of the Wuthering Waves experience. By carefully selecting and combining these ethereal equipment pieces, you can create a truly powerful team of Resonators capable of taking on any challenge the game throws at you.

Remember, while this tier list provides a valuable starting point, you can always do experimental with different Echoes that suit your personal playstyle. With the right Echoes by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve in Wuthering Waves!