Wuthering Waves: Sanhua Best Build, Weapons, Echoes & Teams

Scarletrune |  Published: May 27, 2024

This is the definitive guide to building the strongest Sanhua in Wuthering Waves – optimized weapons, echoes, and team comps.

Sanhua stands out as a formidable 4-star Glacio character in Wuthering Waves, wielding a sword with grace and precision. Her unique kit and playstyle make her an exceptional choice for both main DPS and sub-DPS roles. This guide will highlight Sanhua’s best build to maximize her potential. Check it out!

Wuthering Waves Sanhua Best Build

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look into the best weapons, echoes, and team compositions to unleash Sanhua’s full potential. When equipped and built properly, she can be a powerful Glacio damage in a variety of team compositions.

Sanhua’s Character Information

Sanhua's Character Overview
Kuro Games

Sanhua is a calm and skilled blade master, excelling in heavy attacks to break Glacio-based constructs created by her abilities. This strategy offers many options for team synergy and combat tactics. Her Resonance Skills, Eternal Frost and Glacial Gaze, are key to her playstyle, making her a versatile and powerful team member in Wuthering Waves.

Sanhua’s Best Weapons in Wuthering Waves

To harness Sanhua’s full potential, equipping her with the right weapon is crucial. The top weapon choices for Sanhua are:

Emerald of GenesisEmerald of GenesisGreatly increases Energy Regen.
LuminglossLuminglossIncreases Basic Attack DMG and Heavy Attack DMG.

The Emerald of Genesis, a 5-star sword, is Sanhua’s best weapon choice. Its secondary stat provides a valuable Crit Rate bonus, while its passive ability increases her Energy Recharge and ATK, further amplifying her damage output.

For those without access to the Emerald of Genesis, the 4-star Lumingloss is an excellent alternative. While its Base ATK is lower, it compensates with an ATK% bonus as its secondary stat. Additionally, its passive ability significantly increases Sanhua’s Basic and Heavy Attack DMG, complementing her playstyle perfectly.

Sanhua’s Best Echoes in Wuthering Waves

Echo SetImage
Freezing FrostFreezing Frost
Moonlit CloudsMoonlit Clouds
Echo AbilityImage
Lampylumen MyriadLampylumen Myriad

Echoes play a pivotal role in shaping Sanhua’s build, and selecting the right ones can greatly enhance her performance. The Freezing Frost set is her best Echo set option as a main DPS. Its 2-piece bonus provides a 10% Glacio DMG increase, while the 5-piece bonus grants an additional 10% Glacio DMG boost when using Basic or Heavy Attacks, stacking up to three times.

As for the Echo Loadout, equipping the Lampylumen Myriad Overlord is recommended. This Echo’s skill triggers an Echo transformation, dealing three instances of increasing Glacio DMG and freezing nearby enemies, while also boosting Sanhua’s Glacio DMG and Resonance Skill DMG with each hit.

For a sub-DPS build, the Moonlit Clouds set is an excellent choice, providing a 10% Energy Recharge bonus from the 2-piece set and a 22.5% ATK boost for the next Resonator after using her Outro Skill, enhancing team synergy.

Sanhua’s Best Team Comps in Wuthering Waves

Sanhua’s versatility allows her to shine in various team compositions, depending on whether she is used as a main DPS or sub-DPS. Here are some of her best team compositions:

Sanhua’s Best Team Composition 1
Sanhua Wuthering WavesRover (Female) Wuthering WavesAl Characters List Wuthering Waves
Sanhua’s Best Team Composition 2
Sanhua Wuthering WavesLingyang Wuthering WavesBaizhi Wuthering Waves
Sanhua’s Best Team Composition 3
Sanhua Wuthering WavesAalto Wuthering WavesTaoqi Wuthering Waves

These team compositions leverage Sanhua’s strengths, allowing her to excel in her respective roles while benefiting from the synergies provided by her teammates.

Mastering Sanhua’s build and team compositions in Wuthering Waves requires a deep understanding of her kit, playstyle, and synergies with other characters. By equipping her with the right weapons, Echoes, and assembling a well-balanced team, you can easily unlock her full potential in the game.

Wuthering Waves FAQs

  • What are Sanhua’s best weapons in Wuthering Waves?
    • Emerald of Genesis and Lumingloss.
  • What are Sanhua’s best Echo set and Echo Ability in Wuthering Waves?
    • Freezing Frost, Moonlit Clouds, and Lampylumen Myriad.
  • What are the best team compositions for Sanhua in Wuthering Waves?
    • Sanhua, Rover, and Verina

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